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    StaR in An auTuMn's niTe...

    sHimMeriNg of sTars in tHe niTe skY...bRinG my hAnd fOrwArD..tRyinG tO rEacH thEm...n wOndEriNg...wiLL i bE abLe to hOLd tHeM iN mY hAnD...?

    Wednesday, June 30, 2004

    a trip to OCS...(SAF)

    TIRED...is all i can describe abt myself right now...during these few days, my max slping hrs was 4 hrs...can bang my head againt the wall man...no a very smmoth wk for me also...haiz...nevertheless, i'll overcome it..n i hope i can...

    went to OCS today..sth to do with our SAF...went there n get an idea of how's life in the camp...the envirnoment is good man...like resort..ahaa...still got lounge leh...but i mus admit their physical training quite tough...they r all very friendly n funny ppl... =) overall, it's quite a fruitful experience la...

    after tt..the bus drove as to boon lay..took mrt home...haiz,quarelled with mum thru my hp at jurong point...my gd intension was being thrown into the dustbin...i called her to ask whether she wans me to buy her any dian(3) xin(1) since i'm at jurong pt...n her 1st response was," wat r u doing there? n since when u become so ai(4) wan(2)..zheng(3) tian(1) luan(4) luan(4) pao(3)!'' Her tone was very bu shuang n was loud...n of coz, i felt offended...i didn't went out to play or wat...instead i went for sch expedition loh...somemore, she accused tt i didn't inform her...gosh~ so yuan(1) wang(4)! so i told her tt she had already signed the consent form...u noe wat she say?? she said i always let her sign early in the morning b4 sch, n tt's y she's always not well informed...n mind u, her vol was increasing even more loh...halfway thru, she jus hang up...i was so...frustrated...hao xin mei hao bao...haiz...

    ok, then in the train i told myself mayb she's not in a gd mood tt's y she was so hot tempered...i didn't tok much to her..so as not to start a quarrel...HOWEVER, things does not turn out as wat i wan...we did quarrelled alittle...if i didn't control, i think i'll b worst...haiz...dunoe y she pinpoint on me so much today...i'm already not in a very gd mood with not eunuf slp, phy test sucks, abt wat had happened yesterday...n now came this...haiz..

    for now...i shall keep my mouth shut to avoid any argument... an active volcano tt might explode anytime, anywhere...
    jus hope tt this wk can pass quckly...together will all the bad happenings...


    it really feels good when u hav frens there to support n cheer u up...even a little msg can brightens up one's day...i'm contented to hav u guys to cheer me up with i'm down, laugh together when there r nice things happening, reassure me when i'm worried, giving me wonderful advises...i'm very grateful to u all... =) special thanks to Zhihao...jiahui...jiayun!

    Tuesday, June 29, 2004

    horrible day for me...

    *mood* >> feeling down..feel like bangin my head against d wall..
    *doin wat?* >> typing proposal...

    It had been really a terrible day for me...it's all becoz of wat had happened this morning...i made an announcement during assembly..well, i think many ppl were caught by surprised when they heard my name being mentioned over the PA system rite? aha...ok,i was really really nervous becoz it's my 1st time making announcement over the PA system...at the first part of the speech was quite ok...but towards the middle part, i paused! i actually paused! coz i could not find the line i was goin to read...becoz the script was messy with those add on words...n was panicking away n this made things worse...at tt time, i was thinkin.."i will b dead for sure..." by hook or by crook, i managed to finish the annoucement...i know very well tt i really did badly...felt like hidin in a hole n bang my head against the wall...student councillors n teachers r present at the general office at tt time loh...i was SO SO embarassed n ashamed of my bad performance...wat made me felt worst was...my name was being mentioned out LOUD N CLEAR be4 my announcement by a SC...oh mind...imagine ppl who know me, laughin their heads off...i noe not all ppl i noe r like tt...but i was still embarassed n disappointed in myself...haiz..i dun dare to go back to class or even to directly looked at the ppl i noe...i noe wat i'm sayin now may seems exaggerated since it's jus a trivia matter...but i'm not, i was feeling tt terrible during tt time...yvonne was there comforting me...but, i didn't feel any better...haiz...i cant even handle a simple job like this...

    N i HATE tt Mr Heng...ok, the incident went like this...after the announcement, yvonne n i were standin outside the staff room tryin to look for Mr Leong...n tt Mr Heng jus happened to walk out of the staff room n saw his student - yvonne..he was asking y she was not in class during assembly...n she said she was accompanyin me to make the announcement...at tt pt of time, he diverted his attention to me n said,"oh..so u r the 1 making tt announcement...do u know u really did a very bad job!?" his tone was VERY SACASTIC...with the aiding of his facial expression...gosh! i was already feeling very bad abt everything tt had happened...somemore, upon hearing his killer remark n seeing his sacastic expression...i almost cried...so i immediately snatched the opportunity to turn my back round n controlled my emotions n tears from "gushing" out when he was tokin to yvonne once again...it hurts...

    u noe wat??! 1 of my fren,a guy...smsed me straight after tt...n the msg was "hey, wat kind of announcement is tt? i can't hear a thing! ahaha..." i noe tt he was tryin to suan me...but it's not the right time...i noe i'm weak..i could not even overcome such comments easily...


    During common break...i dun dare to look at my frens...coz some acted kind of weird n laughed slightly(tt kind of laugh when we tried to control) when they saw me...n i had the feelin it's abt wat had happened earlier...mayb i'm paranoid or watever...but i jus dun feel like facin them n hear them askin me things regardin the announcement i had made...

    i'm feeling better after some comfortings from my frens...i really appreciated alot..thanks...i was grateful to Mrs lay naing coz she didn't mention anything abt it...n i also wan to thank her for being so understanding...haiz...

    for now...i need to type out the whole approved proposal n is needed to b handed in by tml...it consists or 12 pg in all loh...win liao..push everything to me...there's still phy test tml...unfinish GP hw...really cant help feeling like a shit today....got to slp late again...haiz...

    at least...i feel alot better after typing everything out...gettin everything out of me...it's like a rock being lifted up...wat a day....

    Monday, June 28, 2004

    very tired...

    today was really a tiring day for me...frm 6am to 8pm...haiz...pon PE,coz too tired le...then i stayed for CO practice...so sianz,we only did the tunning of the drum for the 2+ hrs!! it's so difficult to tune..n tt min xuan,has lots of preserverance loh...nv say die attitude..lol..he's so keen in obtaining the rite tune tt he didn't even wan to keep the intrument n go home...until i snatched the tunner from him! waha..he's reaction was funny..bleh~

    1st time in being a secretary...hmm,actually shldn't put it as 1st time..coz..I HAV BEEN DOIN IT SINCE SEC3!! ahaha..our AI CO has no secretary mah..so administrative stuffs r all settle by vice-chair...vice-chair take over the job of secretary n vice chair..."vomit blood" ah...lolx =P

    today is ed's birthday...17 yr old liao loh..lao(3) le(4) yi(4) sui(4)! haax..jus wan to wish him all the best...no $ to buy any proper gift..so hope u like the card n book mark i gav u..=)

    tml is yvonne's birthday!! waha..so many ppl's birthdays fall on june n jul loh!! =P oh man...so re(4) nao(4)! i also will giv her sth...*grins* heez...
    hm,coming next there r ailing's,jiayin's n zhihao's birthday...haiz...need to giv them sth too...but dunoe wat...i'm so broke..lolx...

    ahhh...i'm tired...bt cant slp early...becoming a zombie again le...aha..i'm goin to collect my O cert tml...meetin jiayin to go AI together! yay! but..jiahui cant make it..so sad...hmm...

    Sunday, June 27, 2004

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    Saturday, June 26, 2004

    AISS choir rocks!

    *mood* >> happy! =)
    *doing wat?* >> listening to FIR songs...nice!

    well..well...i jus came back from the choir concert held by 7 different clustered schs at YJ auditorium! a gd effort performance...=) AISS choir is the best among the other sec schs! keke...it's not tt i bias since i was frm AISS..but it's really true! 3 cheers for AI choir!! keke..

    The choir from NOrthland Pri was soOo cute! they were gd too...sweet...inoccent n angelic voices...it's really a treat to the ears...=) *applause*~

    very excited today..saw Jiahui n yee shang! cos i didn't see them for quite a while le...love them all man! heez..YJ choir also not bad...quite gd actually...daphne n ailing,gd job!!! actually wanted to take photos with jh n jy de...however,jh's di-cam's battery went flat...wat a pity...haiz..but nvm! still got fri...heh...we can take it when we meet up to collect our O cert...=) lalala~ also dunoe y so happy today...hahaz

    oh ya..my mei mei is recovering le! thanks for the concerns frm u guys...*winkZ*

    rain so heavily when the concert ended...hai(1) hao(3) my dad fetched me home on way after he n my mum had their dinner at chong pang...thanks dad! haaz...hmm,guess tt's all for today...tata~

    Friday, June 25, 2004

    get well soon...

    haiz...my mei's having fever on and off for 4 days liao...dunoe wat's happening...my mama is worried..very worried..if the fever still persists..my parents r bringing her down to hospital...haiz..she also keep complaining of stomachache...ard the upper abdomen..really hope tt nth is wrong with her...haiz..

    jus came back frm the market..went with my mum to buy meat n fruits...coz she goin to cook chicken porriage for my sis...i also very dan xing my mama..she has been getting insufficient slps nowadays as she needs to loook after her...mus bao(3) zhong(4)...haiz..

    i'm tired...slp at 3.45am n woke up at 9am..dunoe y...jus not able to slp longer...haaz...i think i'm goin to b like a walking zombie liao..lol..xing(2) shi(1) zou(3) rou(4)...

    jus hope tt everything will b fine...
    oh ya,there's a YJ Choir concert tml...i almost forgot..dunoe wat to wear also..haaz..sianz...........


    OMG loh...i met 3 perverts in 933 fm chatrooms..they were so gross n sick! n i dun wan to elaborate..as u can see it's disgusting until tt extent...yucks! i wan to puke man...thanks ed for helping out.. =) sorry to hav waste ur time leh...

    u noe wat? ed didn't noe there're so many perverts ard in chatrooms...n today..he experienced by tokin to them...he was shocked! haa...one of them siao 1...straight away gav me his contacts...then after tt,his qn get more n more dirty..i blocked him! sicko!!!feel like giving them 2 slaps! so despo..argh! y these kind of ppl exist?? she(4) hui(4) de(4) bai(4) lai(4)!!! haiz....

    dunoe wat to say...feel sick man...

    Thursday, June 24, 2004


    *mood* >> no mood
    *doing wat?* >> chatting n goin to bathe soon...

    basically...i slacked the whole day today...jus dun hav the urge n mood to do any hwmk...haiz..disappointed with myself man...

    had a chit chat session with my cousin...we talked alot...frm relationships to ghost stores tt exist in schs n army camp...some real stories tt she told was rather horrifying...god bless to those who r serving NS now..pray*
    noe quite alot of nei(4) mu(4) xiao(1) xi(4) frm her abt tt some1...jus hope tt d guy will appreciate tt some1 n pls treat tt some1 better...n stop being so da(4) nan(2) ren(2) zhu(3) yi(4)! learn to b more ti(3) tie(1)...

    i've been doin the blog all evening...quite satisfy..heez..did my bloggy layout all by myself..without any help...yay~ =) ed and zhihao said tt it's nice! keke..so happy..at least this make my day...n i'm not feelin tt restless n no mood le..guys,thanks alot!

    my cousin cut fringe! she looks pretty in her new hairstyle loh..tempted to cut like her also leh...but i scare ltr it come out-- horrendous! haaz..she's pretty n i'm not...haiz..so i still need to reconsider...

    ahh...goin to do OT ltr liao...if not i wasted the whole day...haizz...

    Wednesday, June 23, 2004

    wat a day...


    was shocked today...saw some1 (A) tt is so dear to me cried...n i seldom see her cry..tt's y i was shocked! all becoz of that stupid person who help her did the lamination of her birth cert..tt person didn't noe how to laminate n in the end the birth cert became so crampled...this birth cert means alot to (A)...haiz..lots of sentimental value...no wonder (A) is so sad...xin tong again...haiz..tt idiotic person even pushed the responsibility to the laminating machine..waha,somemore blamed the machine..i mean..come on la..she's the 1 operating the machine rite? so anything goes wrong she shld take reaponsibility...fair enuf rite?haiz...(A) is not the sort of person who is so petty...n frm tt,i can see tt the birth cert means alot to her...it's the last thing she has to ji(4) nian(4) her mother...argh~ very angry with tt person...she made (A) so sad...

    haiz...another thing to worry abt..my mei mei's fever still haven reside.. my mama very dan(1) xin(1)...my mama had not slpt properly the whole nite yesterday as she needs to chao(4) gu(4) my mei...hope she gets well soon....

    Tuesday, June 22, 2004


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    didn't blog yesterday..so i shall do it now...


    i had a BBQ at pasir ris charlet with my 1st 3 mths MI frens...they r a bunch of fun n nice ppl! =) ok,i took mrt there..so far man..took ard 1hr + man..lucky i bring some phy notes to study abit..but also didn't get study much..lol..die la,so many hw haven been done yet..haiz..
    Meet them at pasir ris mrt..u noe wat..i forgot some of the guys' names..so paiseh loh..aha..wah,so happy to see my 3 "lao gongs" (kat, lay hwee & fel) tt we hugged each other loh! nv see them for 3 mths le leh! so happy ~ hee...kat n lay hwee geetin prettier le...you le ai qing zi run..lol..waha,tt stupid junjie grow 1 cm taller! argh~ n he's already 186cm loh!! now he's 187cm!! OMG!!! ahaha....

    the charlet was damn far..need to walk quite a distance with those bottles of cokes...haaz..tt qi hao rite,very shi bai leh..don't even noes her gf(yeong wei) whereabout,however the rest noe..lol..

    this 1st 3mths class of mine...produced 4 couples sia!! pro rite,keke...kat n tze phern..vannasa n john...lay hwee n jun jie...yeong wei n qi hao...yay! love them all..heez..

    it had been a long time since my 2 lao gongs (kat n lay hwee) sat down together n tok...really miss those days...we had so much fun together adressing each other by our status..lol..during our conversation,only then i realise tt they r not as happy as they look...they r not goin thru their relationship quite smoothly...frm wat they said..i think they really giv in alot..esp,lay hwee..n she's also suffering quite alot in her class...her class is sucky loh..the way they treat her..haiz..i heart pain leh..see my gd fren so helpless...nvm,i shall b there if she needs me to hear her out...jiayou! kat n tze phern...hmm,long dist relationship..he's in aus now..kat is really n nice girl..hopes he will treasures her...

    time flies..it's time i got to go home le..bu she de...keke...still got so much to tok abt...then after i reached home,i meet kat online! heez,chatted for 3 hrs! n we r meetin online again on fri with lay hwee after she comes back frm the charlet...so qi dai.. =) saw kat online via her web cam..whaha! she so cute loh..huggin her pooh while chattin...n her facial expressions so funny..aha..n her room so luan! =X wahaa...n i saw the card made by her tze phern..waha,quite shock to noe tt he's gd in artcrafts..cool man~


    ahh...need to borrow xue shan fei hu...sianz...
    my mei mei sick again...n my mama is worried...haiz...
    argh....poly life is damn slack loh..esp tt kat!argh..keep gek me tt she's been slackin for 3mths liao!!!she wins liao loh..ahaha... unlike jc..wah..really scary man...
    mayb blog again ltr in the nite..

    Sunday, June 20, 2004

    busy day...

    ok..firstly,went to K BOX Toa Payoh in the morning with yvonne n ed..haa..didn't noe tt yvonne was craving for K Box until i tok to her on the phone last nite at ard 1am!!! ahaha...2 K Box loyal customers..waha..sang for 3 hrs n 15 mins! hee...we sang until the staff came to shoo us off.. =P ordered 2 ice lemon tea again! i like ther ice tea alot..they giv many slices of lemon..shiok! today sang like shit...haiz..actually ed sang not bad la..esp the 天高地厚 n the 1 by westlife...vonne sang not bad too.. =) mine ish the worst! haiz..

    went to my ah gong's hse after tt to meet my parents..my cousin is so cute loh! 3 yrs old...can't resist to hug her whenever i see her..omg...ADORABLE! take lots of pics of her..big big eyes..swt swt smile...dimples...wah..nxt time she'll surely grow into a pretty girl! =)

    then jiu went to my gong gong's hse(paternal side)...jus 3 storeys below our unit...they r celebrating Fathers' Day n 端午节 at the same time..so went there to makan dinner loh...
    very full ah...shit la..gettin fatter...haiz..nvm,i ate mstly vege n fruits...lol..i also shun bian gav out surveys..hee.. =P

    n now....i'm here writing this blog...haaz..
    shall stop here le..taa!
    haiz,still got bbq tml...sianz..lol..

    Saturday, June 19, 2004


    i hate kids wearing the shoes (with roller at the sole)!! i was stepped by this little girl twice! n it's damn painful..didn't even apologise...haiyo..kids nowadays...haa..

    went to woodland library to return bks..then shun bian study there...did GP hw...listening to yes 933 fm at the same time..haa.. =)

    nth much happen today...so nth much to write abt..lol..
    thinkin of goin K BOX tml..shld i go?hmm...

    haa...like not very true leh...optimistic?? aha..i thot i'm pessimistic all the while...the rest also not very true...

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    the dancin..writing n music part quite 准...haa

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    own written...

    this lyric was written by me on the 12/12/03...it's a own imaginary fairy tale...nothing regardin my personal thots.. =)


    偷偷凝视 静静聆听





    Friday, June 18, 2004


    hmm...today walk quite abit..Firstly went to guan yin miao 拜拜...it's at bugis not chinatown..haa..i gav wrong info.. =X the place was very crowded..so many aunties n uncles..even youngsters went..lol..my mama said mayb today is 初一..tt's y so many ppl came to 拜拜.. =) i'm wondering...whether wld my prayers b heard? coz it's like so many ppl praying at the same time..keke..

    after tt went to OG shoppin centre to shop..heh..mama saw her long lost fren..so she bought some nail polishes frm her..tt auntie is very generous leh..gav us lots of free gifts..woo hoo! she really noes how to 买客人的心..so tt nxt time customers will come to her again...gd business tactics~ lol.. ; ) then jiu went bugis junction to hav lunch...

    oh ya..bought some chocolates! hehe..there's this small bear tt comes along with the chocolate in a package..cost 1 buck nia! each bear represents different birth dates..i think it's very meaningful...none of it is the same..i find mine for a very long time..in the end my mama found it for me..i'm so happy loh! coz it's really difficult to find..actually i did find for some1 whose birthday is ard the corner..but i jus cant seems to find it..haiz..disappointing..

    waiting to hav my shower...

    hmm..too bad..didn't get to hear the delications...coz ling zhi nv read out..haa..i think too many ppl send in liao,so no chance..lol..waited until 1.15am then canot tahan liao..i dozed off..haa..wake up for a while at 2.20am to switch off my receiver...n then went to slp again..

    not long ago..i heard my mum shrieking in the kitchen! aha..coz...she felt sth slimy n soft on her hand..after tt she realised it was creepy crawly! =X at first she thot was a leech!!! ahaha..i almst laugh until peng! it's a slug tt had been hiding in the pandan leaves...lol... =P wah kao..then we very bad leh...sprinkled salt..i think my mama "chua tio"..kept askin me to pour more salt..then i jue de too cruel liao..so i passes her the salt n let her settled herself.. =S

    hmm..waiting my sis to come out of the bathroom!! she takes so long to bathe 1..haiyo~ worst than me...tt's y i got so much free waiting time to blog..haha..goin to chinatown de guan yin miao to 拜拜 soon...feel like goin K BOX..but i think timing clash leh..if not...haha..n i dun1 to go singin with my mama n mei mei..they dunoe how to appreciate 1..haha.. =P

    Thursday, June 17, 2004

    maths makes me mad...haa

    went to woodland library to do hmwk..waha..n i actually spent 4 n 1/2 hrs..hehe,quite satisfied with myself.. =P ed also went to study..he alighted at the wrong stop..lol,nearly laughed out..but mus control,coz i was in the library..haa..

    did maths all the way...goin looney liao,waha...i was very quiet all the while in the library..nv talk...i guessed tt ed also sensed tt i was different frm my usual self..haa..tt is becoz i need to concentrate..so, very bu hao yi si...

    on the way home on the train..ed asked me wat i wanted to b in the future..n this really strucked me..actually this qns strucked him all this while..wat i wan to b??i dunoe..a pyscologist?? tt means i need to go overseas...but i really cant bear to leave everything behind..my family..my frens...they mean so much to me...
    am i even eligible for Uni? tt's also a prob...in short,i'm afraid of the future...i think..i'm really a coward..lack of confidence...haa..sometimes,i'm wondering y i'm so useless..haa..need to live up to ppl's n self expectations...it's tiring...sometimes i dun even know how to b my real self..or am i my real self now?haiz...mayb i really think too much le ba..tt's y life seems so lifeless to me...only know how to help others in solving their probs..but i dunhoe how to settle mine...shi baI..ha..

    ok,i shall stop tokin abt those 丧气的话了... =)
    MUM's herbal chicken soup is SOOO NICEEE!!! yummy!! still got drumstick wor..my fav..so tender...waha..drooling again le.. =P

    mama says mayb she's bringin us to guan yin 庙 to 拜拜 tml...i wan to hav a peaceful mind...

    HELP.......i feel like going K BOX again leh...how?? i need to sing to relax...haiz...


    *mood* >> -
    *doin wat?* >> eating chocolate toffee..hee..

    had a dream yesterday...weird 1..n i forgot abt it..i think there were 2 girls excluding me etc..argh~ haaz..

    blog again later..^^

    Wednesday, June 16, 2004


    *mood* >> tired...
    *doing wat?* >> drinking ice water...haz

    well..well..my family n i went to east coast beach this morning..the weather was more to the sunny kind..the we found a place,spread the mat n sat on it..haaz..the sea breeze was strong...it was high tide..so my sis had no choice but to build her sand castle on the dry sand..aha..

    After tt..i followed my mama to collect shells..even though they weren't really nice,it's unique.. =) my mama collected a whole bucket ( the 1 tt use to build the sand castle) of shells!! wahaha..i'm not exaggerating lo..it's true~ =P

    feeling tired..我就 sat on the mat...i closed my eyes,listening to the splashing of waves..feeling the sea breeze across my face n enjoying the smell of sea water...tt was..nice..

    u noe wat??!! there's this man in his early thirties,kept his gaze fixed on women wearing bikinis!! OMG loh!! so pervertic!!! 好色之徒!! it's like so obvious loh...kept on staring...feel like givin him a punch lo...光天化日之下...haiyo..dunoe wat to say also...even my papa also comment tt, " he so desperate isit??!!" lol...

    This is the 1st time i saw jelly fishes other then in underwater world leh!! so excited loh...saw 1 big white jellyfish n 2 small brown ones...keke..i had a fuji apple to quench my thrist..hee..weather was hot mah...真是人生一大享受,.. =)

    went to IKEA after tt..we had lunch cum dinner..waha..imagine havin dinner at 4pm!!?? i had 2chicken wings!yum yum...so juicy n crispy..hee..then jiu followed my parents ard to look at those furnitures n stuffs..walked quite abit..脚酸啊...lol..i kept on yawning..so tired..so sleepy..haa..n i'm feeling warm now..like 发热..dunoe y..mus drink more water...

    Tuesday, June 15, 2004

    very sweaty!

    *mood* >> refreshed..
    *doin wat?* >> drinking ice water! lol..

    HOT sia!!! jus came back from a 2.4km jog plus some brisk walking..haa..the ice water makes me feel so -- cooling~? lol..sweating like hell now..

    went to sch this morning for CO meeting..it's about the posting committee..hm..got a post - secretary... hope i'm up to the job...i also brought my surveys along..顺便 ask them to do..heh! then some1 pointed out 2 spellings mistakes in my survey!! how careless i hav been all along...thinking tt once approved means everything shld b fine..haiz..so i liquid away the mistakes n yan chun help me write on..thanks alot!! n tt stupid min xuan! i only borrowed a black pen from him..n he kept nagging..argh~ like ah ma like tt..waha..

    meet Nisa at the yis mrt to pass her the surveys forms..saw Jama n illya..they look diff from wat they usually wear in sch..keke,prettier.. =) illya still got her make up on..wee weetx!

    Listening to my blog's music now..i really like it..so soothing...it really calms my mind...instrumental,classical n new age music...

    mayb i'm goin to east coast tml with my family..hope tt we will b goin in the evening..i wan to see the sun sets...i wan to feel the breeze across my face...

    Monday, June 14, 2004

    woo hoo!

    jus went to the photocopier shop downstairs to photocopy...haiz,waste $$...actually can photocopy for free usin my papa's office de machine..but he said it was locked!! no choice...urgent..haiz..8 bucks leh...tt means each person got to pay 2 bucks..haa..

    K BOX today was damn fun!! haha..2 siao cha bo -- me n yvonne...jeslyn more feminine..keke..sang for straight 3 n 1/2 hrs!! waha,so shiok! surprise tt my voice isn't tt coarse as b4 after the singin session..hee..u noe wat?? vonne n jes actually said tt my voice hao ting leh!! so happy,keke...but i dunoe leh..i still think tt my singing not gd...星语星愿 by 张柏芝 is very nice!! sang it twice..haha..still got sang 叶子,月光,on my way..etc..haa..cham lah,i think i'm addicted to singing liao..lol..=P for now,at least i got the gut to sing in front of my friends...which makes me quite satisfies abt it..hee..yay yay! (",)V

    after tt i went to CWP fourleaves to buy tortise tuna bread!! my fav! =) whereas,vonne n jeslyn went to SunPlaza to watch 突然发财...haha..they asked me to watch with them..but i couldn't...need to rush home to photocopy the PW surveys loh!! haiz..nvm la,i also broke liao..so makes no diff..ahaha..

    my sis goin out to hav her swimming exam now..wish her luck! haha...

    it's another day again...

    *mood* >> moodless..haha..
    *doing wat?* >> pw stuffs...

    ahh...i need to print out the surveys!! n u noe wat??! another grp member of mine is goin overseas on the 16th to the 22nd..omg~now then she inform me..haiz..coz we r suppose to complete the surveys n collate the datas be4 the other 2 come back from the China trip..die ah..dun tell me i need to do everything..there's a total of 100 sheets of surveys loh!! when could i finish all these?? shitty man..haiz..argh~

    i dun wan to think of pW today liao la...goin to Chinatown K BOX to enjoy...wahaha...i hope so la..hope i wun b thinkin abt pw so much...responsibility..it's always such a heavy word..haiz...i'm goin to send the surveys via email to my dad..so he can photocopy using his office photocopyin machine..hee..=P Thanks papa! =)

    gene,i'm glad to noe tt u r happier now..but do take care of urself..

    blogging ltr in the nite..taa..

    Sunday, June 13, 2004


    jus came back from my ah gong's house...

    feeling very 无精打采the whole day..slept for 2 hrs in the afternoon..haa..woke up feeling very blur,lol..then dun feel like tokin much..very silent on the ride to my ah gong's hse..

    Going to K Box tml with yvonne n jeslyn. hope it will b as fun as tt time...=)

    sianz..nth much to write for today liao...no life..haha...


    *mood* >> empty..
    *doin wat?* >> listening to 933fm..my ususal entertainment..haa

    woke up at 7.30 this morning...i wan to slp more..but xi guan wake up so early,haa...i've got a body alarm...can throw away my alarm clock liao..waha..

    i'm slackin now..goin to watch wo cai ltr..after tt then do some hmwk..haa..feeling tired again..shit man,jus woke up n had breakfast only...haa..

    i'm home alone for now again...haha..it's so quiet n i love tt..i can hav d whole hse all by myself...i can sing as loud as i wan without bothering others!! coz my singin sucks!! ahaha...shuang..but no mood to sing now also..mayb later??haa..Going K BOX next wk..i wan to sing until very voice is coarse..i dun care..i jus wan to enjoy..hols is so short! more ppl more fun..haa..but my voice sounds funny these few days...i mus drink lotsa water liao..i shall stop crappin of these kind of unecessary stuffs liao..lol..blog again ltr..

    Saturday, June 12, 2004

    idiot blog

    i hate this blog!! everything i wrote..it's all gone!! becoz of dunoe wat internal error..haa..mayb,the blog also doesn't wan me to publish it..?haa..all my thots n feelings in here r all gone...i actually took all my effort to write...haiz..nvm...n i dun feel like writin it once more..i dun wan to go thru tt emotional part of me again..zuo ren hao nan..i dun understand myself...i'm drifting away frm my ownself..i no longer know myself..i mus learn to b in control in everything if possible..haa,but this won't b possible..day dreamin only..haa

    today leadership camp was quite fun..all physical activities...n i was tired..mayb it's becoz i woke up at 4.45am this morning....then cant fall aslp again..haa..i'm crazy..in my grp rite,all were guys except for me..all the other girls PON today's camp lo..but the guys in the grp r a bunch of gd ppl la..make lots of new friends..very gentlemanly too..nice knowing them...

    tic tac quiz

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    You are caring and friendly. You have a nurturing
    personality and always help out a friend in
    need. You are fairly outgoing, and always show
    a friendly face. You truly care for other
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    neglect your own responsibilites or become over
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    Friday, June 11, 2004

    leadership camp! n explanade...

    *mood* >> not bad..hee.. =)
    *doin wat?* >> listening to yes 933..

    hmm...ok,i'll start with today 1st..then continue with yesterday...=)

    attended yj leadership camp (workshop) from 8.30am-5.00pm..the earlier part of the camp was so so boring!! lectures were given by teachers in LT4 n after tt we had interaction with the student councillors..did some brainstorming n evaluation on how to improve the student councillor cohort..hmm,quite sianz..haa..Then came the fun part!!! we went Orchid Country Club to bowl!! its so fun lor! i was the grp leader..consist of 2 members - ce yi n farhan! they r so funny loh..nice guys! our team actually did quite badly..our scores were like 66 n 49 respectively..n my ball kept went to the drain!whaha,it's sucky~ =P coz we r not pro in bowling mah..among the 3 of us,ce yi is the best la..so he represented our grp in the individual round..he needs to b blind-folded!waha..i help him to blind-fold n make sure he cant see a thing..whaha..as a leader i mus b fair..bleh..lol..we were having load n lots of fun!!

    we went back to sch again after d game..sianz! did reflections!! gosh~ we gathered on the floor n did brainstorming on a sheet of majong paper again...actually,i learn quite abit for today's camp -- learn how to communicate well with grp members, raise their spirit n listen to their opinions..in order to succeed,we need to listen to wat others say 1st before judging..=)

    Earlier we had a talk from the NKF staffs..they were mentioning abt volunteery work...hm,i was a little interested..but due to time constrait..

    kk,enough abt today...


    yesterday was SO FUN!!! think it was the best day i had since a very long time..=) i went to K BOX with yvonne! initially,we were supposed to meet at 10.15am..but both of us were late by 45 mins! haa..1st time i was so late..haa..luckily vonne was equally late! =X bleh~keke...

    The bus took 1 hr to reach our destination! i thinkin i was havin bus sick loh..d bus was stuffy..abit felt like puking..haha..luckily vonne did bring snack! porky! then felt a little better after eatin..thanks vonne!

    We 2 were havin so much fun...laughed here n there..hee..jus like 2 patients frm woodbridge hospital~wahaha...we even stood on the sofa n sang! very shaung ah..i was singin my heart out! keke..=) i jus love singing!

    After tt..vonne n 1 went to meet ed at PS..supposely,we were to catch a movie..but we cant decide wat to watch..so vonne called jeslyn to come along,but after much pursuadin..she didn't come..by then,it's was quite late to catch movie liao..so we decided to hav dinner instead..had KFC..hm,order buddy's meal..n it was shared among the 3 of us..i find tt all the 3 of us hav small appetite!! wahaha..vonne n ed were pushin the left over chicken wing to each other...their face colour..hmm,not very gd..haa..i was there but didn't noe wat to do n how to react..lol..but after tt.they were back to themselves! phew~haa..

    ran hou..with much consideration,we decided to go esplanade..my 1st time there loh! quite excited..still got 2 free tour guides loh..ed n vonne..so gd~ haa..the whole place has tt kind of artistic atmosphere...the most memorable part was the open space outside d esplanade..the sky was clear..n there was lots of stars! they were so beautiful..we sat at the tile seats facing the river..the high rise buildings were lit with lights..they were being reflected on the black river..there were also taxi boats lit with nylon lights gliding across the river..everything is so beautiful...i feel like drownin myself inside this gorgeous scenery..how i wish i can stay alittle longer..=)

    there was also this musical performance with drums,flute n cello..nice tempo..nice melodies..美丽的夜色陪美妙的音乐...真是人间天堂...有很多感触...也想了很多...好想沉浸在那一刻...
    vonne, me n ed were all drownin in our own thots..then me n vonne started to sing..even though my singin sucks..i still wan to sing..sing to relieve my emotion at tt moment..i really cant describe tt kind of feeling,esp in this kind of 气氛...the stars..the nite sky..the breeze..the river n the brightly lit high rise buildings..the atmosphere really makes me very 感动...i had the urge to cry...it's true..it is so beautiful..

    i've been wanting to go esplanade.. =) i love everything there...n thanks vonne for begin such a wonderful tour guide,keke..

    then after tt jiu went home...haiz,dun feel like goin home de..but it's gettin late..so very 不舍得...there's this shop there sellin chocolates..they look creamy rich!haa..actually ed wanted to treat me n vonne d strawberry choc but it was very ex loh..1 for 1 buck..so we refused..n 我不是很想吃吗..haa..thanks anw..but he still treat us 1 ferro roche?? dunoe how to spell,haha..

    i really enjoyed myself having them as frens!

    Wednesday, June 09, 2004

    to b continued...

    *mood* >> ok..
    *doing wat? >> recordin my own voice...waha..

    almost freeze in LT4 loh..so cold..plus it was raining so heavily loh...Today was the last day of sch..yay..finally after 2 wks..we r able to own our holiday..lol..actually,there is a jam n hop thingy goin on today..but tt doesn't appeal much to me..sianz! tt's y i didn't go...wahah..

    ed,thanks for helpin me to scan..lol..gan ji bu jing..haa..=)

    stayed in sch until 3.45pm...supposingly,i need to attend a CO meeting at 5pm but end up it was cancelled!! waited for 3 hrs jus for this! wahaha..but at least did some work la..keke.. =)

    yay..i'm goin for a date tml! yvonne n me! actually...there shld b more than 3 ppl de..but..they hav sth on..so cant go togther to K BOX...quite a pity..hmm..hope tt my nose will b fine enough to sing properly tml...i'll b keepin my fingers crossed~ lol.. =P

    hey ed,enjoy ur charlet! hav fun! ;)

    haiz..it will b very buzy after sch reopens..so many sat tests!! goin crazy le la..so many hmwk also...omg~ ahaha...

    oh ya! i almost forgot abt the bird shit inciddent...gross man! here how it goes..xiao hui helped me to carry my file to the study area...without realising,she landed my file on a pool of bird shit! yucks..carefully..i took all my stuffs out frm tt contaminated file...went to bk shp n bought a new 1 to transfer all my wk sh in..wat a day..ahaha..so "lucky"...bleh~


    *mood* >> still feeling abit blur..lol
    *doing wat?* >> listenin to my blog's music...

    jus had my breakfast...haha..so sianz..tt's y come bloggin so early in the morning! bleh~
    hmm,nth much to write much for now..

    blog again in the nite~ taa! goin to sch in 1 hrs time....

    Tuesday, June 08, 2004

    blocked nose...

    *mood* >> feeling a little unwell??nose blocking again...
    *doin wat?* >> hard time breathing normally..

    school today was quite dead..no life...today was suppose to try to see the venus orbiting ard the sun de..but dun hav the chance to even take a glance at the sky..haiz..wat a waste..i might not even see this kind of 景观 again in this lifetime..haiz! all bcoz of tt stupid instruction list for the youth day...durin maths lecture,ed sms tt he saw a small small dot on the sun outside woodlands library...so envy..sigh~nvm...at least i saw it on news..pathetic though...haha...

    well..yvonne n me stay back to do the instruction list..but vonne did most of the job..i didn't help much..=X watched the animations abt THE HAPPY TREE FRIENDS...gross n violent..even min xuan n another guy cant help but keep lookin into my lap top monitor..haha..the animations are really sick loh..but vonne still laughed when she saw..lol...

    then jiu went home after tt...so sianz n tired...REALLY CAN"T TAHAN THE AIR CON OF THE LECTURE ROOMS!!! EXTREMELY COLD!!!

    omg~ jus now blocked nose..now havin running nose..cham liao la..pls DUN let me b sick..

    Monday, June 07, 2004

    CO..wat else? haa

    *mood* .. sianz..haa..
    *goin wat?* >> readin newpaper...

    well..well..today is like a pw day...4 periods of pw..means 4 hrs!! wahaha...we did our proposal..finally.we had it done!!think u nisa for writin out the proposal!! =)

    lessons end at 4pm..coming up there was CO at 5pm!! waha..ohya..we even pon chem tutorial to complete our proposal..haiz..
    practice..n practice..shuting nv come for CO..so we only practice the basics..it's so sianz loh! bored to death..but luckily percussion members r all very chatty!!hee..n i was havin a chattin session with min xuan n yan chun..hee..but nv tou lan hor! =p
    chat n hit drums at the same time..aha..

    after tt walk to mrt with limin n min xuan..tt min xuan hor..very bhb..say he's begin very gentleman to accompany me to mrt..bleh,as if..wah to puke liao la..>< lol..

    then nth much happen le..jus an ordinary day.. =)

    Saturday, June 05, 2004


    *mood* >>like tt loh...
    *doing wat?* >> eatin chocolate panda biscuits!

    i was almost late for sch this morning!!! i had set my alarm to 5am to do my unfinish maths tutorials..in the end i woke up at 7.30am!! n i was supposed to b in sch by 8.15am..i panicked..my mum told me tt my alarm sounded..it was really weird of me for not hearing my alarm..this was my 1st time experience..i jus cant even imagine tt i actually hear nth..!coz normally i'm a very light sleeper..even a small disturbance can wake me up..i was like a pig..guess tt i was too tired ba..nv hav a gd slp for such a long time..hmm,i was feeling bad abt this morning..becoz i was a little rude to my mum..mus apologise..haiz,reason for tt was becoz i was late n was feeling frustrated..need to learn to control my temper...

    我真的觉得.. 人于人的相处之道是一种很难..很微妙..很特殊的学问...不同人有不同的性格..自然而然地就要用不同方式和他们相处..说得容易但是做起来没那么简单...唉~ 常常有说"做人难


    feeling happy!! keke..my mama bought me a star ring..yipee!! thanks mama! muackZ..

    Friday, June 04, 2004

    my family actually went to watch harry potter!!

    *mood* >> fine..
    *doing wat?* >> listening to 933..singin competition!! hee

    school was ok for me today...in between got a 2.5 hrs break!! sianz man..but at least to sth to do la..which is the youth day proposal loh..nth else..haa..ed did quite alot of alterations..we kept forgettin to add things in..so in the end,we printed 3 copies!lol..hmm,yvonne got sth on..so cant do it with us..vone vone where r u..waha..=P at least mr leong did giv us some faces by praising us a little la..all thanks to ed.. =)

    oh ya! remember sth tt made my blood boils..lol..all thanks to jama,keke..tt girl har..thot she fainted in sch or wat..we thot she's in sch n was sick..so when we cant get to contact her,we panick loh..wondering what had happened to her..all of us went ard the sch searchin for her..i was like a siao cha bo lo..haa. to our relief,she msg us assuring tt she had over slept in the train due to her medication!! win liao..lol..at least we noe tt she is fine..thank god~ =D

    i was actually feeling quite ok until i came home...no1 was at home..called my mum..do u noe wat she told me?? she said,'ger..we r goin to watch harry potter.'' haa..then i asked her wat abt my dinner? she said settle myself!! wahaha..nv tell me earlier loh..wait till i reach home then call..i was expecting for a nice home cooked dinner for d whole day loh..i mean at least shld inform me in advance mah..then i no need to go all the way down to buy dinner again..haiz..nvm..

    home alone...haiz...

    Wednesday, June 02, 2004

    saw lots of my sec sch friends! hee~

    *mood* >> empty
    *doin wat?* >> hw..

    so sianz..waitin for time to pass quickly..i'm longin to watch HARRY POTTER at 6pm with jiayin n ailing!!yay~didn't get to see jiayin for such a long time le..miss her man~lol..=p

    waha..today sleep alot..slept at 10pm yesterday n woke up at 8am this morning..then slept again at 9am till 10.30am..haa..i'm jus like a pig..mayb i'm tryin to replenish the slp i hav had lost this 2 wks..haiz..still feeling tired..haa..

    oh yah..ed,thanks for accompanyin my friend to d doctor.. =) hope every1 take care of themselves..dun fall sick.. =)

    well..harry potter didnt turn out as gd as i expected..but i had a great time with my friends! yay..

    dun wan to mention abt wat happened ltr in the nite..haa..