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    StaR in An auTuMn's niTe...

    sHimMeriNg of sTars in tHe niTe skY...bRinG my hAnd fOrwArD..tRyinG tO rEacH thEm...n wOndEriNg...wiLL i bE abLe to hOLd tHeM iN mY hAnD...?

    Thursday, March 30, 2006

    damn pervert! argh!!!

    today i came across a pervertic man! yucks! i was choosing swts at a supermarket w my mum near my hse when this pervert appeared. he stared at me while he was walkin past me. he even got this pervertic smile on his face as he said "bu cuo". (which means not bad). omg! he was walkin so close to me at tt pt of time!!! it's so so so disgusting! then when me n my mum was walkin towards the cashier to pay for our swts, tt pervert appeared once again. this time he bent down in front of me pretending to look at batteries. hence, my mum hurriedly pulled me away frm him. after some time then i realised tt i was wearing low cut jeans jus now. thinkin of it makes me wan to puke* yucks! dirty pervert!!! damn.

    Wednesday, March 29, 2006

    inner soul?

    sometimes i really hope to connect with my inner self....haa....r u afraid of ur inner self to some extent? i do....haa.....

    i find tt it's always easier to comfort others than urself.... at least during the process, it somehow helps me in reorganising n sort out some of my thots in a way or another....

    Monday, March 27, 2006


    oh man...really mus on diet liao....sad~ haiz.....

    Sunday, March 26, 2006

    a day out to holland V

    oh man! shitty ass!!!! my long entry has not been saved!!!!!! argh~

    haiz...nvm..i shall briefy write wat i wrote jus now...

    went to holland Village w seet, ek, qb n van...then we went to NYDC to makan dinner...ben n long ee meet us at NYDC...
    actually we wanted to go to the pub named Wala Wala jus opp NYDC...but we were being "chased out" coz we were under 20...so paiseh loh~~ hahaz.....
    so we walked ard aimlessly for a while be4 settling at 211 roof terrace cafe... we ordered a bottled of house wine....it taste not bad, but i still prefer red wine... kekez...
    n we went off at ard 9.30 pm...

    well, i'm lookin forward to go to MOS (ministry of music) w seet they all...heard tt the pub is v big! haaz..

    Saturday, March 25, 2006

    at 211 roof cafe!

    qb insisted me to take this for him! hahaz...we were having wine at 211 roof terrace cafe! =) Posted by Picasa

    group pic

    our gang! cool huh? so many colours...like rainbow...wahahz Posted by Picasa

    long ee, me n van

    long ee, me n van~ i think van hp better..~ hahaz... Posted by Picasa

    qb drunk??!

    qb....!!! bie zui jiu xiao chou....hahaz... Posted by Picasa

    ek n seet

    ek n seet...so loving~ heez...too dark le...v paiseh~ =X Posted by Picasa


    ben...cheers! Posted by Picasa


    qb drink wine! lolx... Posted by Picasa

    me n van

    me n van...i think i forgot to on my flash light...v dark...haaz Posted by Picasa

    Thursday, March 23, 2006


    my zombie days doesn't seems to end even after college...haiz...
    dunoe wat to write...jus feeling empty....haahaa......


    Sunday, March 19, 2006

    mum's bday!

    18 March 06
    i rebonded my hair liao! haaz...fast rite? i went to 1 of the hair salons at 888 to get my hair done...guess wat? everything includin treatment took 4 hrs n cost me $16o...hm...act, the price considered quite reasonable...n i'm quite happy of the result coz seet, qb n ben gav me positive comments...hee...

    it's alr 3pm after i got my hair done, so i meet seet they all at city hall...strolled ard sun tec while waiting for agnes...coz we planned to sing at party world!

    enjoyed myself...=) i love to sing~~
    we sang frm 6.45 pm to 10.45 pm...then me, qb n ben sent to seet's hse again! wahahaz...i hav no idea since when seet's hse has becum our 2nd home... lol...i think i go to her hse at least twice a wk!

    wow...it's almost 2 am liao...hope to sleep well till late morning....i'm tired of automatically waking up at 6 in the morning... haiz

    soft shell crab

    17 march 06
    after me & agnes knocked off frm work, we went to meet qn n van at jurong point...
    the below pics were wat we ate for dinner... =) the serving size is quite small...suitable for me...lol...

    after dinner, they accompanied me to buy a bday gift for my mum! v gou peng you hor...haaz...thanks guys!

    qb's - soft shell crab spagetti~ CRISPY! Posted by Picasa

    salmon grill

    mine - black pepper salmon grill~ nice! Posted by Picasa

    fish n chip

    agnes' - fish & chip! coz she can only eat fish on thurs....heez~ Posted by Picasa

    pork chop rice

    van's - swt n sour pork chop rice! Posted by Picasa

    Tuesday, March 14, 2006

    body aching away

    my back n arms r aching like hell...cant even walk properly...all becoz of tt label pasteing job! haiz...

    after work, i met seet, van, qb, ek n ben at yis mrt...they r late as usual...except qb...hahaz...
    went to BK to hav dinner be4 proceeding to watch wolf creek...
    it's based on actual event...but it's damn sick!

    me n ben went to seet's hse to watch Lee Hom mtv for a while be4 goin home...i mus admit tt lee hom is so gd looking n charismatic...no wonder seet was so agitated when he kissed a girl in the mtv! wahaha....

    tired le...tataz...

    Sunday, March 12, 2006

    programme bk

    this is the programme bk for AICO performance! the word moved mean gan dong... the whole concert consists of CO, drama, choir n dance members...it narrated a old chi tale - "dong yong & the seventh fairy". this bk will b my sovenior -- the very 1st AICO programme bk ! Posted by Picasa

    nus n ntu open hse n AICO concert

    i shall blog frm the afternoon of yest to the 3am of today....

    i met up w seet, ek, qb, van, ben, jama n illya n together we went to NUS open hse....the weather was so hot tt we cld hardly tolerate...i was sweating like hell...hahaz...we walked n explored some of the booths before meeting agnes at clementi...
    back at clementi, most of them were hungry...so we went to mac to makan....but i didn't eat lah...i was extremely thristy so i drank a cup of ice lemon tea! it's heavenly...lolx...
    Finally, agnes arrived!
    NTU was super far n inconvenient...i really hope to enter NUS whereby i prefered her environment... * praying hard*
    we went to look for minjie, xiu wen n dap after we arrive at NTU...coz i was suppose to go SCH to watch AICO perform in the evening...so a big grp of us strolled ard NTU for a while be4 goin to billy bombers at jurong pt!

    at billy bombers...i think mj n ben ordered malt chocolate shake...illya - banana spilt...seet - cookie n cream shake...van - desire me ( beverage) ...n agnes - some kind of fruit punch... =)
    i like seet's cookie n cream the best...but it's a little too swt for me.. haaz...

    at 6.30pm, off we went to SCH ( me n mj)...i was super happy to see jiahui n jiayun again! really miss them loh... kekez...
    becoz of fixed seating...me n mj sat together while jiahui n jiayun sat at the other side....
    mj n i were so anxious be4 the whole performance even started! we even started praying tt everything wld b smooth sailing....n it did! i'm so proud of my juniors though i didn't recognise so of the juniors tt r younger than us by 3 yrs....they did well... smile~

    at the 20 mins interval, we went outside to look for our juniors! simon n jin sheng, really wan to hug u 2 loh...i really felt v xin wei to see u all zheng da le... i really regret not goin back to AICO the past 2 yrs...jc was too busy, got too many things to cope w...i think i really miss out alot of things...haiz...but i can reassured tt AI n AICO gav me the best memories throughout my study life...
    when the concert was coming to an end...i teared...it was definitely a success n i was super happy for them as i finally see AICO on the stage of SCH! AICO rocks!!! love u all!!!

    after the concert had ended, i when off w jh n jy...we chatted in the crowded train... =) both of them alighted at semb while i alighted at adm n bought 3 korean cup noodles to seet's hse...n i bought myself a peanut roll...seet, ben n qb were waiting for my noodles! hahaz...we chatted n makan...this explained why i ended up goin home at 3am in the morning...hahaz...

    guess wat? i woke up at 8am today while i slp at 4 am...pathetic~ Posted by Picasa

    jama, me n illya

    jama, me n illya! i love these 2 cutie pies so muchh..!!! they r such swt n kind souls.. =) illya, i like ur pair of cool shades! jama, u will find ur mr rite v soon! heez...all the best! kekez... Posted by Picasa

    me n van

    purple again ah...tt's van's fav colour...lolx! pic taken while waiting for the ntu shuttle bus... Posted by Picasa

    me n seet

    me n seet leh! she's always so high n happy de... her jokes n laughers make me roll...lolx...if any of u r suffering frm depression, pls consult her immed...coz a laugher a day keeps the doctor away...hahaz! Posted by Picasa

    oh man! isit so diff to take a pic w me?! hahaz... ben n me -- taken by seet! =) Posted by Picasa

    me n jh at spore conference hall...so happy to see u! u r so green~ lolz...i shld exchange my skirt to urs...so u can b a ming fu qi shi de greenie! hehez... =X oh man...where's my jiayun?!! Posted by Picasa

    jiahui, jin sheng (junior) n i...jin sheng was extremely charismatic yest! he's so pro w his dizi...jh, minjie n i almost fell in love w him! hahaz... Posted by Picasa

    simon n i

    this little percussion junior of mine (simon) has grown up liao...not as mischievious as be4...he used to trip n step my shoes whenever i walked past! hahaz...jus wan to say i'm so proud of u n AICO! u guys rock to the top! =) Posted by Picasa

    Thursday, March 09, 2006

     Posted by Picasa

    me in my new red n black metal specs! nice? Posted by Picasa


    this is the sky i took this morning! it's pink in colour...beautiful rite? =) Posted by Picasa

    Friday, March 03, 2006

    it had been 2 days after the the released of A levels results...i did average but i was still disappointed with my results...maths - B, chi A - C, Chem - C.... i expected myself to get at least a B for both Chi A n Chem...esp chem, i really put in lots of hard wk for Chem...surprisely, i got a B for Maths when i predicted tt i wld get a much lousier grades...haaz..i failed my maths in prelims! lol...
    there's 1 thing to comfort myself...tt is my O's results is the lousiest among my class, yet i still can at least obtain avg grades...haaz...

    1st of marwas really a dreadful day for most of us...my frens n i were extremely worried....seet, van, me, qb n ben met up be4 goin to sch together...my legs felt so heavy tt i was practically draggin my foot...after we reached yj, all students were asked to gather in the hall...
    Results slips were given out by civic tutors after some briefings...noe wat? yj improved tremendously! i'm so proud of us! hahaz...
    Followed by a crying session...we cried like dunoe wat...haiz...

    i'm really grateful to all who had been there for me...esp my parents n teachers...
    my parents nv mentioned once abt any things tt concern abt results...even be4 the time it was released...they jus waiteds for my phone call...aren't they the best? they did so for not addin on the pressure in me...mama n papa, i love u!! not to forget abt my teachers n frens...i wan to thank them for their encouragements, guidiance n concern... =) i wld also like to congrats those who got their gd grades! jiayou!