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    StaR in An auTuMn's niTe...

    sHimMeriNg of sTars in tHe niTe skY...bRinG my hAnd fOrwArD..tRyinG tO rEacH thEm...n wOndEriNg...wiLL i bE abLe to hOLd tHeM iN mY hAnD...?

    Monday, December 31, 2007

    Welcoming 2008

    About 17 hours and 22 minutes to the year 2008. Hopefully it would be a good one for all! =)

    Happy 2008!

    Thursday, December 27, 2007

    Updates for our 3rd month anniversary

    On the 25th, met up w mr g for dinner after my clique gathering. He surprised me with the below. =)
    The baby toys are so so so cute! Especially eeyore. He's my favourite. oh ya, pink roses are irresitable! kekez...

    PS: thank u so much! Love you always...

    Wednesday, December 26, 2007

    Clique Christmas Gathering

    Met up with clique yesterday for a gathering. Though it was a short one, it was an enjoyable one. =) Ben, agnes and I had a drink at KFC first and then walked around Far East while waiting for the rest to arrive. We started to exchange little gifts once everyone was present because i had to go off earlier to meet mr g in Yishun.

    Belated birthday gift by van with my name on it! 100% handmade and i love it alot! =)

    The clique of 8.

    me and ben.

    agnes and I.
    Didn't have a chance to take pictures with the rest as i was rushing for time. Next time peeps. =)

    Tuesday, December 25, 2007




    HAPPY 3rd Month my dear... =)

    Monday, December 24, 2007


    Many want to be rich
    spending all their life seeking wealth
    only to buy big houses and luxurious cars

    Many want to be famous
    competing for media coverage
    only to find themselves in unfavourable situations

    For me
    i need not be wealthy,
    as long as having enough income to get by.
    i don't crave for fame,
    because that does not garantee happiness.
    all i want is to be ordinary.
    simplicity is what i pursue.

    For me
    having my love ones around,
    is what matters the most.
    Seeing them in good health and spirit,
    that's what i hope for.
    These may sound ordinary,
    and easy to achieve but they aren't.

    As i grow older,
    life isn't as simple as ABC.
    through experiences,
    i realised humans always complicate things.
    life becomes complex maths formulas.
    No straight forward solutions to them.

    Simplicity is a breeze?
    Not exactly.
    The earth is spinning days after days;
    years after years.
    Events happening around the globe;
    in every other second.
    Good or disastrous,
    no one could foresees.
    Unwelcomed circumstances often disrupt daily routine;
    creating conflicts within self and between others.
    These complicate life.


    Simplicity can actually be effortless,
    it depends all on the mind and heart.
    How we choose to perceive things
    and to view situations in a different light
    do affect the degree of simplicity we will experience.
    This process may be tedious,
    but i'm learning...
    still learning...

    Saturday, December 22, 2007

    christmas celebration with the elders

    Today our RSP Elders organised a Christmas celebration for the elders at AWWA Home. It was definitely a fulfilling and satisfying experience for me. =) Really had fun interacting with the elders. I was incharged of one of the game stations with other two members. The elders were required to throw a ball (made of newspapers) into a basket and they were give a total of 3 trials each with every coupon. We actually cheated abit by giving the elders extra chances to throw so as to ensure they get a prize at least. Seeing them full of smiles and laughters, made me felt so so so good! =) It was absolutely an enjoyable day! Woohoo~

    The elders waiting for prize giving session. They were all full of anticipations! =)

    Food distribution by the volunteers. Can you spot van? lol..

    3 of us in-charge of the aiming game. I must say those elders were really good in their aimimg! hahaz.

    After CCA, i met up with my mum to do some shopping at the pasam malam nearby. Bought 2 tops that cost only 10 bucks each. Super duper reasonable. So i'm intending to get more. haha. Then we went to my grandparents' place to have dinner and tang yuan. yum yum! Happy dong zhi to all!

    My sweet little cousin!

    awww...she's simply so adorable! I wouldn't mind planting lots of kisses on her chubby cheeks! hehe...

    nice hairstyle, anyone? hahaz..

    DISGUSTING encounter

    Yesterday on the way home, around 12.45am, my mum and i had an uncomfortable encounter around my neighbourhood when we went to get Macdonalds for my sis. A filthy old Indian man was trying to me funny with us!!! Filthy not only referring to his mind but also in a literal sense! Somemore, he gave us a pervertic smile while licking on Mac's ice cream cone, which i found really DISGUSTING and SICK!!!!! So i shouted fiercely back at him ( i tried to be as loud as possible) to BACK OFF and eventually he back off. If he really dared to futher test his luck, i swear i would scream and shout to attract a whole lots of attention to make sure he regrets his actions! Because the good business Macdonalds was just 10 metres away. Honestly speaking, i was surprised at my own response, didn't know where that courage came from. Perhaps i felt the need to protect my mum even though i was panicked inside, that was maybe why i became tougher enough to be able to react in an aggressive manner to WARD OFF LAO TIKO!!!! Damn those sickos!

    Wednesday, December 19, 2007

    lunch with clique on 17-12-07

    Had lunch with my clique at causewaypoint Swensen. Minus agnes and plus seet's sister because van mentioned agnes had some carolling event going on. I envy seet and her family! They are at Beijing right now experiencing snow. shiok rite? =)

    Below are some pictures taken with van's new hp.

    Ben, Van and qb


    Seet, andy and i

    Sunday, December 16, 2007

    Zoo day! on thur (14-12-07) !

    Mr g got the zoo member card from his aunt, so we were able to tour our Singapore Zoo FREE! We were excited about the trip since both of us hadn't been to the Zoo for almost 7 years! That was really long. At least long enough for the Zoo to revamp most of its facilities and layouts. We almost could not recognise it as it was not quite the same we recalled 7 years ago.

    The weather was fine when we set out, considering that it had been rainning for the past few days...We were lucky! However, it started down-pouring around 3 in the afternoon. Again, we should regard ourselves lucky because we were indoor having KFC, hence we were not caught in the rain. Phew~

    Moral of the trip: Both of us agreed we gained quite an amount of knowledge after our visit to the Zoo. =)

    Well...i had taken a total of 88 photos in just 6 hours! I'm amazed at myself too. hahaz... But i didn't upload everything to my blog as it is simply to many.
    You will also notice most of the animals' pictures are not very sharp. The reason that constitute this was because those animals kept moving about. So blame them (just kidding)! LOL.

    PS: Mr g, i really did enjoy myself alot! thank u! =)

    At the souvenir shop.

    His "relative" --- The Giraffe. =X

    There are so many animal soft toys!

    Mine, was the friendly snake. His, was the fierce one....

    Baboons...They have really "sexy" asses. hahaz. Do you know that during mating season, the female baboons will have their asses 'glow' super red to attract the males?

    The majestic rare white tiger. Only 1 in 10,000 tigers is white!

    The lioness. 5 lioness to 1 lion. How fortunate for the lion. haha.

    Leopard. Leopards do not have spots in the middle of each ring, only jaguars do.

    Honey bear

    Porcupines. They do not shoot their quills at predators but simply raise their quills and ram against their intruders.

    Giant tortises... Very hugeee and slowww....


    Any similarities between these two?? LOL.
    Extra info: Giraffes have very long tongues to allow them to reach for the leaves on the tallest tree, and they can grow up to 53cm!!!!

    Meerkats. They are so cute!

    Ostrict. The largest bird on earth.

    Emu. The second largest bird on earth.

    The elegant flamingo!

    Jurasic Park? (did i spell it correctly?)

    Friday, December 14, 2007

    Steamboat buffet

    Yesterday, i had steamboat buffet with my some of my CCA friends. I was quite happy that it turned out not bad because i didn't really know most of them very well. Maybe only really know three out of ten people. The ChingQing steamboat buffet we went was at Bugis and their business was real good. We should indeed consider ourselves lucky to get seats for ten. Long queues started to formed as the night fell. Food wise, i think it was quite good because their ingredients were fresh, especially the fish!

    The buffet is $15 per person and it will be open until 5 in the morning. What's more? There is a free flow of lemon juice and chestnut water.

    Before meeting them for dinner, i went to orchard to walk and shop around with my mum and sis from afternoon till evening. =)

    Thursday, December 13, 2007

    vivocity 10-12-07 (mon)

    Mr g and I went to Vivocity again. It was the 3rd time in the past 2 weeks! But we did not have a choice as "Nanking" was only show at Vivo's GV Europa. And it cost us 10 bucks each! Not the usual ticket price...Anyway, it's a worth watching documentary.

    After that, we went the Asian Kitchen to have our dinner.

    Mine. Prawn wanton soup. I totally heart the soup. It is light and sweet!

    Mr g's. Some beef soup la mian.

    At Harbour Front, Standing in front of some cyclinder pillar with silver linning. We treated it as a mirror and that was the only time i looked slim. ahaha...

    Drinking Moccha at Pacific Cafe.

    The seat was so spacious and comfy..

    Sunday, December 09, 2007

    Singapore Stardard Chartered Marathon (part 2)

    I kapo these pictures from ching's latest post! hehe...that's very convenient of me to do so because actually i need to add Ashley Mak (our drink station leader) in my facebook to get the photo. But now, since ching already kapo from him, so i kapo from her! haha.. The food-chain effect.

    I could still recall how excited was ching when she saw the first runner who reached the midpoint (21km). She was jumping and cheering away...! LOL..

    Ashley took a photo of us playing "er ling wu" without our acknowledge initially, but at least you guys can see how do we look like when we relived our childhood days. hahaz.


    more trash...n we had to clear them up!

    Really a direct contrast from the above 2 pictures.....

    Saturday, December 08, 2007

    dinner with clique

    Yesterday was the first time i met up with my clique after a long long time. About a month i think, all thanks to exams mugging. I was glad to see most of them except andy, who apparently becomes an avid gamer? hahaz...he will not be joinning us again later for board games at minds cafe.

    Back to yeaterday. We went to a Indonesian restaurant at Lucky Plaza. They are famous for their fried ayam. Pricing range wise is rather reasonable. Average pricing is around $5 ++ for the chicken and rice. Not to forget about their balacan. It is super duper spicy and has an intensified flavour which i love alot! Knowing that i love spicy stuffs, van and ben "donate" me their balacan. Partly was also because my beef balls beehoon soup did not come with any balacan. haha. That's very nice of them. =)

    After dinner, we strolled around orchard aimlessly before we settled ourselves at some cafe at Cineleisure. I was in total good mood because qb had said something that made me drifted to cloud nine. Thanks qb! you made my day! =) and also agnes told me she and van noticed that i had a waist now. LOL...received so many compliments yesterday. maybe i was in the midst of entering lalaland? haha. thanks peps.

    My beef balls beehoon soup and indonesian ice tea. I like this dish because the serving portion is just right, broth is light but sweet and it is very healthy. =)

    Their ayam pengyet and the other one was fried beef.

    Some dessert.

    They were happily waiting for their food to be served. hahaz.