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    StaR in An auTuMn's niTe...

    sHimMeriNg of sTars in tHe niTe skY...bRinG my hAnd fOrwArD..tRyinG tO rEacH thEm...n wOndEriNg...wiLL i bE abLe to hOLd tHeM iN mY hAnD...?

    Saturday, February 25, 2006

    had a really fun day yest! agnes n i went to orchard...my 2nd time there this wk...hahaz...since i had nth else to do, i accompanied agnes there...or rather she accompanied me? kekez...initially, we planned it to b a window stopping trip, but it turned out to b a chatting session! tok, crap n gossip...wahahaz... =p shaung! a gd way to destress! =)

    in the evening, both of us met up w qun bao n andy for dinner...we had swesens! Qun Bao, thanks for being so generous! i believe tt hao ren hui you hao bao de! so watever how bad things may turn out now, it will b history sooner or later..n wat lies ahead of u will definitely b a pleasant one!
    After dinner, the 4 of us went to take neoprints n watch Munich...practically, i didn't really understand wat the movie was tokin abt...hm...shld ask agnes to explain to me someday, as she seems to b the only 1 tt understand it the most! kekez..
    agnes v poor thing...LS thrice yest...take care ya...

    ard 11 .30pm, seet, van, agnes n i had conference call again...! wahaha...Van lousy la, she slept the earliest! hahaz...we, seet, agnes n i stay on till 1.30 am the nxt morning! heh heh...

    goin to go out w the girls today~ i'm lookin forward for more laughters! =p

    Thursday, February 23, 2006

    OH MAN!!!!!! i jus got info frm Kim tt A levels will b released nxt wed on the 1st of march! argh~ nightmare is finally here.....haiz.....
    mus stop myself frm thinkin abt it....if not i wun b able to shut my eyes tonite....

    i cld only use madness to describe yest....hahaz...y? becoz seet, agnes n me had hp conferencing frm 11pm till 3.15 am the nxt morning!! insane rite...?? lol...but i really enjoyed tokin to them! =) so fun! made me laughed like siao cha bor! n i only slpt for 4 hrs!!! believe it??

    today went to mount elizabeth hospital w mum, aunt n my ah gong...we brought them to see the eyes specialist there...the medical fee cost a bomb! $427 jus for consultation n few eye drops...expensive...really expensive...
    after tt my aunt sent ah gong back home while me n mum went to makan lunch at yoshinoya.....shop for a while then we headed back home....

    Monday, February 20, 2006


    PPl...pls help me do tis quiz abt me....jus curious to noe how well u ppl noe abt me...hehez...thanks ah...i appreciated all ur efforts... =)

    Saturday, February 18, 2006

    she so sweeetttttt tt i love her sOoooo MucccHHhh....hehe.... Posted by Picasa

    Bought this sunglasses at salvation Army Warehouse today for 12 bucks.....nice? hahaz...seet bought a pair of long pants...van bought a watch n agnes bought a pair of high heels! =) Posted by Picasa

    Wednesday, February 15, 2006

    valentine's day yest.... =)

    Today i didnt go to work...i fake "LS"...coz i really dread goin to work "there"...eve is the person who assist me...i find tt she's a irresponsible person...not tt i'm sayin i'm v responsible, but she's really v bu fu ze ren! not only does she throw most of the things to me, she also does not clarify the things i need to do when she not ard...n when ppl ask me, i duno anything n they giv me tt kind of "ee yer...y u dunoe anything 1...mus b u nv pay attention to wat eve said" look...!!!! frustrating! but wat to do...workin life is always like tt...either u bully or u get bullied...y cant ppl b respectful n not take advantages frm one another? or worst, stabbing ppl's back to climb higher?? sad ah.....
    Guess wat did eve msg me jus now?? "hey, u feeling better now? tml u coming to work? got alot of things to do." WTH! tryin to leave everything today for me to do tml!!! argh...shitty!!!!
    anw, i'm not goin to continue w the contract after it ends on the 2oth feb! c how she's goin to suffer....i pity those ppl who goin to take over my job...but who noes, mayb she only take advantage of me coz i'm gd to b bullied?? waha. it's really direct contrast abt the way she treated male colleagues frm the way she treated me!!!! there was once when her customer gav her mandrain oranges n pineapple tarts for CNY. she immediately asked whether one of the male colleagues wants it. well, this wasn't the worst. when the same male colleague complained tt he cant finish his work load, eve immediately offered him help. it's not her who did the job, it me!!!! it's me ok!!! WTH!!! she asked me to do!!!! it's not tt i'd nth to do loh! i was doin my stuffs at tt time! wa lao! recalling everything back makes me damn fustrated! haiz...i'm a coward tt dun dare to fight back...argh~ wu nai.....n i hate tt male colleague! not a gentleman at all! not a man at all!!! only noe how to apple polish n flirt!! puke!

    calming down....breath in...breath out...

    Last fri (11/2) ----> went back to yj for CVD...after tt went to tampines w seet, van, eng keat n ben by bus 969...long journey which lasted ard 45 mins...
    didn't really shop much...so we went to BK for dinner...well, only i considered tt as dinner...coz the rest see it as snacks! hahaz..ben was shocked when i said tt was supposed to b my dinner...wahaha...we chatted n gossipped alot! i really enjoy chatting w them coz i do learn things frm them...having fun while widen my knowledge at the same time...kekez..

    van left earlier as she was goin to fetch his father frm the airport...while seet n eng keat goin to leave for dinner w their parents, a small incident occurred...
    a down syndrome man in his 30s came to us to ask for directions...seet n eng keat r really gd ppl loh...followed him ard century sq n tampines mall to look for the place he wanted to go...when we asked him qns, he only knew how to nod n raised his shoulders to indicate he dunoe...finally, we came to a VCD shop n wanted to buy a vcd...he took out $5 n some coins frm his wallets...however, there was only a total of $8.70...it's impossible for him to buy tt vcd tt cost $12.70...we see him like so ke lian, so the 4 of us forked in $1 each...but who noes, tt man took back his $2 coins n kept pointing at seet's n eng keat's wallet! i supposed he was asking then to giv more! did he really dunoe anything?? no choice, so i suggested them to ask the cashier to call security...we already did wat we can to help...somemore seet n engkeat were running late for their dinner appointment....
    i dun feel like goin home so early, so we suggested to meet up seet n ek again at adm mac to continue chatting! hahaz...we v siao rite? so me n ben when to shop ard be4 meetin up w them...
    we chatted frm ard 11pm to 2.45am!!! waha...damn pro! we jus had so much to tok, esp w seet ard..hahaz...

    goin to NTU open house on this sun! can see van, agnes n seet they all again! kekez...
    think i really need to find time to meet up w my AI jie mei's' liao...but difficult to find time leh...time clashes....haiz...

    Friday, February 10, 2006


    Your Brain's Pattern
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    You're the type that always has multiple streams of though going.
    And you can keep these thoughts going at any time.
    You're very likely to be engaged in deep thought - and deep conversation.
    What Pattern Is Your Brain?

    Thursday, February 09, 2006

    wah...long time didn't blog le...i'm feeling quite tired recently...suffering from insomia?? hahaz...
    the most happy n excited event for me this wk is ------> i bought a new hp! hehez...NoKia N70... =)
    if there's gd, there is always the bad....A's result may most probably b out nxt fri...my biggest nightmare...haiz...
    God bless me~ plsss.....

    Sunday, February 05, 2006

    taken be4 mahjiong session...i lost $1.70...sob~ 1 gamble always lose de...sad~
    agnes' mum is v frenly loh...hmm...i find tt most mothers r v frenly de...seet's mum too! very hao(4) ke(4)! cool mums! heez... Posted by Picasa

    where was seet looking at?? say cheese! =) Posted by Picasa

    at agnes' hse! wahahaz...had so much fun! every1 was acting cute! see seet! does her post look familiar?? it reminds me of mj! wahahaz...so ke ai! Posted by Picasa

    Saturday, February 04, 2006

    me n van again! lol...van said mus put pic tt look nice...esp she herself...hehez...so i xi shen...i let her b the main character...kekez...happy mah? =p Posted by Picasa

    me n van! taken at woodlands MRT while waiting for steph to go agnes' hse for CNY visiting...haaz...i look so blur! wahahaz........4th Posted by Picasa

    Wednesday, February 01, 2006

    Posted by Picasa cny ---> chu er...i love tt blouse... =)

    my paternal side cousins! cute rite? heez...esp the youngest de...cny -- chu yi... Posted by Picasa

    cny --> chu yi... peach blouse n jean mini skirt Posted by Picasa