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    StaR in An auTuMn's niTe...

    sHimMeriNg of sTars in tHe niTe skY...bRinG my hAnd fOrwArD..tRyinG tO rEacH thEm...n wOndEriNg...wiLL i bE abLe to hOLd tHeM iN mY hAnD...?

    Saturday, May 29, 2004


    *mood* >> tired buy happy..=)
    *doin wat?* >> chattin n bloggin at d same time..

    -sat 29/6

    woke up at 4.15am today to study for cla..which was only a few hrs away..!!ahaha..n i had my earliest bkf in my life frm d day i was born..imagaine at 4.30am,when every1 was still aslp n i was here in my rm studyin for cla test!keep yawning loh..haa

    stayed in sch till 5pm for the PTM thingy!the emcee thingy went quite smoothly for me..even though my chi teacher said it was not too gd..ahaha..at least i didn't mentioned any wrong words..Got my results..aha,like shit..

    erm..ed very sorry leh..caused u to b late for the pw talk..

    TROY was fantastic!! 3 cheers for TROY!! tokin abt this..made me think of yvonne!! dun wan to friend her liao la..lol.. =p "put me aeroplane"! didn't noe Ed bring 1 of his friends along..actually i felt quite extra myself la..lol.. he thot vonne was goin..keke..but after a while,it's not so bad.. his friend alos quite friendly.. =) we went to Burger king to hav ur supper..aha..coz it was already 9pm..had a mushroom swiss DOUBLE..lol..told ed to buy single 1 but hor in the end..the burger upgraded itself to double! ahaha..thanks for ur treat! very the bu hao yi si..nxt time no need po fei hor.. ^^

    Friday, May 28, 2004


    *mood* >> drained out..
    *doin wat?* >> memorising cla lit..haiz

    again...feeling extremely tired today..every1 kept askin me whether was i fine?sayin tt my face looked pale..they thot i was sick..haa..but,i'm not sick la..jus tired..havin a little headache now..lol..

    nth much happened today..i went home with yvonne n jama..drew d word "yonne" on vonne's hand! lol..she said it's nice! i'm so please loh..even though,it's jus a small praising..it really mend my day..=) thanks..

    waha,tml goin to b a long day again...until 5pm loh..due to the PTM thingy..feelin a little anxious..keke..i'll keep my finger crossed!lol..

    there's pw today..i hate doin minutes..i find tt some ppl r very practical n selfish..they dun wan their ideas to b shared among the grp members..sayin tt "y the ideas i thot of always being shared by others?" i mean we might hav the same ideas rite?then can add on..haiz..watever..dun feel like tokin abt it..makes me feels so...

    Thursday, May 27, 2004

    emcee for PTM! nervous...

    *mood* >> happy =)
    *doin wat?* >> helpin my cousin to find her notebk..

    today..2 of my friends didn't turn up for sch..stephy was sick n vanessa went to bangkok..so shiok! haa..awaitin for her presents..hehe.. =P 1 day jiu start to miss them le..it so diff without them ard..haiz..

    had a so called "welfare meetin" jus now..in the end,we sat down n chatten again! ahaha..so fun..no stress..so happy..can laugh as much as i wan..especially yvonne..such a 开心果! haha..then edwin also very funny loh..jus cant stop laughing..=) 3 of us walked home together again..chattin n laughin ONCE AGAIN..saw some ppl dancin at the open space outside yis mrt..then ed went to buy ice cream..hoho..after tt..guess wat??! yvonne wanted to join the dance!! wahaha..ask me to accompany her somemore!! omg..lol..but in the end also dun dare to take up tt challenge la..very paiseh leh..so we jus quit!haha..

    btw,our youth day proposal was rejected!!! i really dunoe wat the teachers wan loh..since they hav sth in their mind..they still insist us to do 1..

    meet ms lim for the mc thingy..got the script liao..jus need to practice..hmm..feelin a little nervous..haa..hope nth goes wrong..bless me..hee..

    still decidin the day,time n venue for TROY....hmm..feel like takin neoprints all of the sudden today..lol..goin crazy liao..=P

    Wednesday, May 26, 2004

    enjoy quite a alittle in the evening..=)

    *mood* >> better than yesterday..
    *doin wat?* >> looking at edwin's,jiahhi's n zhihao's blog..

    hmm..feeling sleepy as usual..haa..almst fell aslp durin listenin comp test!partly becoz of the tone of the speaker..so monotone de..aha..

    Alot of my friends r falling sick loh..dunoe if they'll b comin to sch not..if not,i'll feel very lonely..sob~ lol..

    we'd this drama play in audi(part of the play only)..then halfway through i started to hav the urge to go to the washroom..when i was out of the audi..i can't believe wat i saw!! i saw my mum's friend's son using his dirty soccer ball to wipe on the clean wall! then i asked him wat was he tryin to do..he can still laugh in front of me loh! did he ever feel guilty for doin such childish act..? haiz..dunoe how old is his mentality..(feeling disgusted..)

    our youth day proposal got reject again!! haha..power sia..the 3rd time liao..k,so we stayed back to hav more discussions..there were..yvonne,edwin,kim hong,shi ying n me! haha..i was actually enjoyin loh..can chat..hee..

    After tt,me yvonne n edwin walked to northpt..had old chang kee's curry puffs for dinner! lol..yummy! like the crust alot..keke..=) continued chattin away..how i wish tt i cld chat with them for a little while longer..hmm,but canot la,ed got chi tuition.

    thanks yvonne for being so swt!!hee..she msg me sayin tt she's sorry for not able to pei wo take mrt n promise to accompany nxt time round..so touched..lol..but it's really alright..coz i also dun wan u to take the dark route back to ur hse..bu an quan..also need to thank eugene for msg me to becareful of *K* coz he's still in sch in d evening..=)

    well..i actually volunteered to b the mc for the PTM thingy..aha..hope everything will go on smoothly..jia you! hmm..sat will end quite late leh..so dun really hav time to watch TROY le..mayb will change day ba..need to comfirm again..haiz..

    To every1 out there readin my blog..any comment,pls feel free to drop some.. ; )

    Tuesday, May 25, 2004

    *mood* >> dread..
    *doin wat?* >> listenin to yes 933..

    i'm wondering y there's this cork up system in yj..which is abt givin bounus points for class participation durin lessons..every1 is like..teacher teacher..!i contribute tt..y didn't u giv me pts? makes me so stressed up coz so many ppl r so hungry for it loh..haiz..

    well..well..today finally had early release..but stayed back to settle some welfare stuffs coz we r seriously behind time..so then sat at the canteen to wait for Edwin n yvonne..n..i fell aslp!waha..in order to meet up,yvonne had sacrificed her pe..means she pon pe la..lol..=P edwin also sacrificed 1 period of his pw..2 noble ppl..haha..i can really see tt they r responsible in doin their parts loh..=)

    still waitin for sat to come...keke..

    there's still co tml...haiz..it will end very late again for sure..haiz...

    Monday, May 24, 2004

    *mood* >> exhuasted..
    *weather* >> cool..rained in d morning..

    today was really a hectic day for me...i'm feelin so tired..haiz..came back from sch at 8.30pm..haa,coz of CO loh..always ends to late..then got lots of hw to do loh..tired until like dunoe wat..walk also cant walk properly..canot keep straight..aha..but not as exaggerated as i mentioned la..lol..had a headache jus now..haa..

    Cant really concentrate durin tutorials..felt so slpy..but i'm not the only 1 who wis for a bed la..keke..oh ya..the pineapple tarts..it costed me 4 bucks!waha..broke~ the tarts r for the fund raising for d China trip..although i'm not goin..but,still need to support my friends mah..kee. =) well,i was expectin for the worst..but d tarts tasted not bad la..u guys rocks!!

    Jus received a new musical piece for SYF...hmm..not tt tough as i had expected..tml early release for sch..yay! tt's my motivation to hang on..jus bear with it!!

    Jiahui's birthday is coming up le..still thinkin of wat to buy her...i'm sharing $$ with yew tuck,jiayin,jiayun etc..this can help me save some budget..heh..no $$ liao la..

    sat...goin to watch troy!! =D

    Sunday, May 23, 2004

    *mood* >> having an upset tummy.. =S
    *weather* >> fine

    well..slept at 3am yestersay n woke up at 8am..then就睡不着了..after tt,went for breadfast with family..然后,went to sg Goloh..it was low tide..so mangrove cld b seen..it's wonderful to b near d sea..the breeze..then my papa hor.."force" us down the rocky stones n to the muddy seabed..haa..to my shock..d seabed was so soft!! n my sandals kana stuck inside the mud..ok..tt's not all..d mud got lots of air holes..then got blubble 的 sound..as if got alot of CREEPY LIVING ORGANISMS underneath..gosh~ u noe wat??! my papa actually told me to take off my sandals!!OMG~~~没办法..got to listen..guess wat??!i saw lots of earthworms!!! nearly "fainted"..so gross loh..hope i wont b goin down to d mud area again..imagine tt i'm actually steppin on them!yucks! =S goosebumps is out agin..shall stop elaborating liao..haha..

    不久..we saw an ice-cream man..d kind riddin motorbike 1..my papa bought each of us 1..yummy! not too swt n not too bitter?? ahaha..got lots of 口味...草梅..巧克力..vanilla n corn..hehe!

    hey,edwin..dun think too much..the girl will 了解的...it's jus tt she haven cool down..cheer up! (",)

    haiz..my sis getting out of hand liao..everything said by us wld b urgued back by her..we mean gd loh..but she dun appreciate..even scold back my mama..she really need to b severly disciplined!! if not...haiz..

    Listening to huang yi da's song -- lan tian...it's really a nice song.. =) tummy feels much better liao...finish chi essay liao..yay! lee hua lao shi loh..gav ur last min assignment..自由作文..so bo bian mus do..lol..wrote abt my ah ma.."希望您在另个世界能过得快乐"...

    me now home alone..rest of d family went to my ah gong's hse liao..thinkin of how to settle my dinner..ahah..

    aahh..got so many movies tt i wan to watch..破产了啦..1stly is TROY..2ndly is the day after tml n lastly,my fav..HARRY POTTER!! lol..=P mus sav $$ frm now on liao..haa..nvm,at least i haven been watchin movie for quite a long period of time..so no harm spendin some bucks on it rite?haha..

    Finally can RIP..haha,i mean as in puttin my mind at peace..some1 who has an initial *K* frm my class has decided to giv up!haa,wat a relieve...phew~ i noe i might sound mean..but *K* really gives me d creeps loh..d way he toks,walk n his attitude..i cant help feeling scare..but i noe,it's over now..yay. =) lalala...

    read edwin's online journal jus now...it's interestin! for wat i think..as we r growing older,we wld feel tt ppl ard us r harder for us to trust them..but we can't do anything much..tt's life..haa..unlike when we were young..every1 was so innocent..单纯,haiz...gosh~i'm getting more n more kpo liao lo..goin ard readin others' blog..

    Saturday, May 22, 2004

    *mood* >> soso
    *weather* >> rained in d morning

    today ah...had GP test..the essay was ok but d compre was quite tough..stay in sch abt d test for welfare meetin..coz need to discuss abt d backup proposal for youth day mah.. really mus 谢谢 yvonne!! she puts in so much effort..makes me feels guilty leh..sob~ lol..then 就 sat in canteen to discuss..we consist of -- yvonne,kim hong,edwin n me!keke..not long after..came ismam n zhao yi..they only joined in d discussion for a while nia..then 就 went off liao..haa..somethings r not meant to b commented..so i jus kept slient..忍! lol..

    then we started to slack liao..drew pic on the movie listings for youth day celebration.. n kept on chatting..ahaha..fun leh..every1 tok tok n tok..hee..so long nv draw bobdog liao..所以a bit ugly la..keke.hmm..edwin actually quite gd at drawin..not bad..有前途!haa..oh yah..gd attempt for ur spikes,lol..

    after that,went to northpt with yvonne..she drank milo n i drank chocolate milk..yum..yum..bought chocolate n then 回家..Saw edwin online,chatted for a while..guess wat??! he was late for his meeting..waha..god bless! anyway,thanks for ur polite invitation for "Troy" hor..coz too far n i'm too xtra liao 了 la..so very the 抱歉..=) haha..