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    StaR in An auTuMn's niTe...

    sHimMeriNg of sTars in tHe niTe skY...bRinG my hAnd fOrwArD..tRyinG tO rEacH thEm...n wOndEriNg...wiLL i bE abLe to hOLd tHeM iN mY hAnD...?

    Wednesday, July 23, 2008

    Our Vietnma and Cambodia trip!

    In another 9 hours time, i will be on my way to the airport with mr g! =)

    Tuesday, July 15, 2008

    Southern Ridges Park Connectors Walk

    Yes, mr g and I went for an adventure yesterday! We had decided to "conquer" the 9km Southern Ridges Park Connectors Walk. After a brief research online, the estimated time to completion was around 2 - 2.5hrs.

    Usually, the starting point normal route people would take is from Marang trail --> Faber Walk --> Hill Top Walk --> Forest Walk --> HortPark --> Floral Walk --> Canopy walk --> Kent Ridge Park --> West Coast Park (end). But we took from the other way round because i wanted to end the jorney at Harborfront. So we started our journey around 11.30am and expecting to complete this trail at about 1.30pm, or 2pm at most. Anyways, guess what? We ended up spending a total of 5 hrs, 5 freaking hours to reach our destination! Meaning we walked almost non-stop, doubling the original distance we were supposed to travel. Because we lost our way trying to get to Kent Ridge Park from West Coast Park. There was no markers or instruction to guide us from this one to the next. Very bad. Hence, we spent most of the time circling NUS. Although we were lost for quite a while, i was glad that mr g was around as he was the one figuring the right track. If not, i would be super lost/tired and thought of giving up. He made me persevere. =) He knew i was exhausted, so he kept talking to me in hopping to divert my attention from tireness. Mr g was very encouraging and thoughtful throughout. =)

    Oh ya, i realised mr g is rather good at taking scenic photos. He is so going to be the camera man for our Vietnam and Cambodia trip. hahaz.

    Now my whole body is aching...

    West Coast Park.

    Still fresh and jovial. =)

    I wonder how they allow people with the lack of direction sense to create this map. It's really very misleading and we got lost once at the Hort Park.

    Finally...Our starting point of the trail...

    Don't you think this little bird is beautiful? I'd never seen this breed before.

    eeww...so sweaty!

    I was no better. haha.

    At the Arc.

    The Forest Walk.

    Never ending.

    I was getting grouchy because my toes were sore. haha.
    Henderson Wave

    2 tired, smelly and sweaty people. We were so sticky can! LOL.

    End of Marang Trail.

    Finally, we reached our destination!

    I was already blistered even before started. All thanks to my pair of sport shoes...
    Anyway, just ignore my alien toes in case of nightmare.haha!

    PS: Must thank m 1st 3months MI(Millenia Institute) friend for being very kind to draw us a map to guide us to West Coast Park from clementi!

    Little India Trip

    Van, ching and I had our long waited Little India Trip last Friday. Unfortunately Esther had something on that day. So maybe we could go there with her again some other day! =)
    First, we went to have our lunch. Followed by walking around Little India and at last we ended our whole trip at Mustafa. It was my first time there although that is an old shopping complex. Very "sua ku" right? haha. Some items are rather cheap there while others are not, and i bought a pair of retro shades for mr g for my birthday theme the next day. =) By the way, he did look good with that! kekez.


    Van and ching!

    Me with teh tarik! Yummy...


    Some heritage buildings.

    PS: Thanks Van for the pics! =)

    Sunday, July 13, 2008

    Officially 21!

    Happy 21st birthday to me! I can't believe i'm officially an adult now. Time really flew pass like rocket. Especially when all my cousins most of my cousins turned up for my party yesterday, made me additional nostalgia.. We were so young then, running around and bullying one another. Nothing to worry about and having fun was all we cared for. Now that most of us have grown up, priorities also shifted. Each of us has our own life, friends and love ones. Gosh...i feel old liao. haha.

    I was really appreciative that my friends and relatives never failed to turn up yesterday. Hope they had enjoyed themselves. I want to say a sorry if any of you felt neglected when i was going around trying to talk to everyone. But each and everyone of you are people i treasure and i sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. Btw, i had already read the cardboard messages done by my clique! That's very nice of you guys!

    Also, must thank my mum for all the preparation. She was busy all day long.

    Of course i didn't forget the most special person in my life, thank you for being here and shared this very special day with me dear. =)

    PS: Photos will be uploaded this coming week after i consolidate everything. Thank you everone! =))

    Sunday, July 06, 2008

    feel like shitting

    The weather now really suits my mood. A rainy day and an upset tummy. I am supposed to go to Orchard to send our rings for engraving but just so coincidently, im having diarrhoea right now. A total of 5 times to the toilet since noon and my arse is burning!

    (5mins interval)

    Just came back from the toilet AGAIN. haha. Right now, i suddenly recalled wei ching's blog entry (below) about the different types of SHIT! haha.

    Interesting analysis of shits! Standups for the creator! (taken from http://www.dirtybutton.com/text/937-the-shit-list/)

    Sometimes when shit happens, you want to be able to articulate the experience more than just you've, taken a shit. Here are some shit definitions to help you explain the situation better to your friends and family...

    Ghost Shit
    You know you've shit. There's shit on the toilet paper, but no shit in the bowl.

    Teflon Coated Shit
    Comes out so slick, clean and easy that you don't feel it. No traces of shit on the toilet paper, you have to look in the bowl to be sure you did it!

    Gooey Shit
    This has the consistency of hot tar. You wipe your arse 12 times and it still doesn't come clean. You end up putting toilet paper in your underwear so you don't stain it. This shit leaves permanent skid marks in the toilet.

    Second Thought Shit
    You're all done wiping your arse and you're about to stand up when you realize it.....you've got some more.

    Pop a Vein in Your Forehead Shit
    This kind is the kind of shit that killed Elvis. It doesn't come until you're all sweaty, trembling and purple from straining so hard.

    Right Now Shit
    You better be within 10 seconds of a toilet. Usually it has its head out before you get your pants down.

    King Kong or Commode Choker Shit
    This shit is so big that you know it won't go down the toilet unless you break it into smaller chunks. A coat hanger works well. This kind of shit usually happens at someone else's house.

    Wet Cheeks Shit
    This shit hits the water sideways and makes a BIG splash that gets your arse wet.

    Wish Shit
    You sit there all cramped up and fart a few times, but no shit!

    Snake Shit
    This shit is fairly soft and about as big around as your thumb and at least three feet long.

    Cork Shit (Also Known as Floater Shit)
    Even after the third flush, it's still floating in there. My god! How do I get rid of it? This shit usually happens at someone else's house.

    Mexican Food Shit (also called Screamers)
    You'll know it's alright to eat again when your arsehole stops burning.

    Beer Drunk Shit
    This happens the day after the night before. Normally your shit doesn't smell too bad, but this shit is BAD. Usually there's somebody standing outside to use the toilet. This kind of shit also usually happens at someone else's house.

    The Frightened Turtle
    The kind of shit that just pokes its head out then quickly goes back in.The Bungee ShitThe kind of shit that just hangs off your arse before it falls into the water.

    The Ring of Fire Shit
    The kind of shit where you eat really spicy food and your arsehole feels like the inside of a cigarette lighter.

    The Crippler
    The kind of shit where you have to sit on the toilet so long your legs go numb from the waist down.

    The Big Bobber
    The kind of shit that no matter how many times you flush it always floats back to the surface.

    The Shitty Shitty Bang Bang
    The kind of shit that hits you when you're trapped in your car in a traffic jam.

    The Incredible Hulk Shit
    The king of shit that sits in the toilet overnight and mysteriously expands to twice it's normal size.

    The Jack the Ripper Shit
    The kind of shit that yanks out the hair of your arse as it pushes its way out.

    The Party Pooper
    The giant shit you take at a party. And when you flush the toilet, you watch in horror as the water starts to rise.

    Dirty Bowl Shit
    The kind of shit that comes out in a million pieces a second, reminiscent of an avalanche - but with rocket propulsion, and splatters all over the toilet bowl.

    The Windy City Shit
    When you sit down, and fart for so long and hard that you no longer need to take a shit.

    Oh Shit! Shit
    You shit so much and wipe your arse so furiously you run out of toilet paper and you say OH SHIT!

    The Never Ending Shit
    It's the shit that keeps running out of your arse like pee, and just when you start wiping your arse your stomach gargles and splash, more shit runs out. This always happens after eating at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

    Ouch That Hurt Shit
    The type of shit that leaves you feeling like you just hopped onto a bicycle without a seat. Sensation usually lasts hours.

    After introducing so many categories of shit, what's yours?
    I think mine is classified under "the never ending shit"(but i didn't had any fried chicken), "ouch that hurt shit" and "Mexican food shit". haha. I know i'm gross for analysing about shit. Sorry if i spoilt your appetite. LOL.

    SHIT!!! i feel like visiting the toilet again! darn!!

    Saturday, July 05, 2008

    "I heart you!"

    (Taken from andy's friendster and the below is the heading for this photo)

    Heading: I heart U....... Famous Quote By denise tan. Place Of Origin:Singapore. Taken at: Genting.

    Hahaa...i was laughing hard after andy told me to check out his newly uploaded friendster photos. Apparently, they took this "I Heart You" quoted from my blog and used it whenever they went. Even during their Thailand trip! They are still using it though.hahaz.
    Initially when i first heard it, i thought they were saying "I haa chooo" instead. Sneezing? haha, it's not!

    Well...this "i heart you" actually came from one of my blog entries for mr g. =)