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    StaR in An auTuMn's niTe...

    sHimMeriNg of sTars in tHe niTe skY...bRinG my hAnd fOrwArD..tRyinG tO rEacH thEm...n wOndEriNg...wiLL i bE abLe to hOLd tHeM iN mY hAnD...?

    Sunday, February 24, 2008

    Dinner with clique

    Went to sembawang Thai restaurant yesterday with the whole clique, minus away van and plus sara, to have dinner It is actually situated in a coffee shop near Yishun industrial area. Business was really good with no empty table available at any one time. Human traffic just kept coming.

    Also, yesterday was the very first time to witness the driving skill of andy and qb! hahaz. Quite good...quite good... Keep it up dudes! Ben, some day is your turn to drive liao. hehe...

    Back to topic.
    After dinner, andy and agnes went home first while the rest of us "tong bang" qb's dad's mini van (it is so cute!) to toa payoh hub then followed by admiraty MacDonalds for a chat. It was a hilarious one because sara and seet were so funny! LOL.

    Saturday, February 23, 2008

    Life is so vunerable...

    A tragic accident happened yesterday at NUS construction site when i accompanied mr g to school (he attended his lessons while i do my course readings). The whole crane toppled over, just outside the Business School, crashing everything in it's sight, which included a bus-stop, a few motocycles and i'm sad to say 3 men were crashed to death while 2 others were injured ( all were workers of the construction site, i think the crane driver was a singaporean)...It all happened so suddenly at around 2.15pm after i heard 3 really loud thuds... Fortunately, there was no one at that bus-stop waiting for bus at that very split moment. If not more casualties might be unpreventable. Hopefully those workers had insurances to cover their medical fees, families' needs and daily expenditures.

    Sometimes i really does sympatise the construction workers. In the sense that they are constantly exposing themselves to higher risk of death compared to people with 'normal' jobs. Furthermore, with only little salary.

    Hope those who passed on would rest in peace and those who were injured would have a fast recovery without any complications...

    Monday, February 18, 2008

    crystal Jade restaurant

    Seng keat, in a good mood and being very kind, treated us 1/2 of the dinner bill at Jurong Point Crystal Jade! wahaha..We were very happy of course. Thanks dude for the treat! =)

    Home-made barley water with lemon slice.

    Me, ching n van. Seng keat was our photographer as usual. haha.

    Additional dish ordered by Seng Keat. It's yummy! I like it spicy and full of vinegar.

    Van's beef la mian.

    Ching's chilli chicken noodle. Beware! It's not suitable for the weak. hahaz.

    Seng Keat's "cha jiang mian". I had this too. It's not bad. =)

    Vday's day gift from mr g!

    A little late update.

    Proudly presents........

    This precious art was hand sewn by mr g. Really very touched by what he had done.
    I love you so much dear! =)

    Friday, February 15, 2008

    Valentine's day at ntu

    Flowers given by ching! They were so pretty! Thanks ching! =)

    (from left to right) me, esther, ching and van. The cute flower bookmarks were for them. Hope you girls like it. haaz.

    typing rate

    42 words

    Touch Typing

    gosh..i think my typing speed is really SLOW....... haha.

    Valentine's day...

    This Valentine's day was the most memorable one i had....
    I love you dear.....

    Monday, February 11, 2008

    chinese new year (day 3)

    At my 1st aunt's house...

    (from left to right) me, ah jie, sis and ah li.

    Sunday, February 10, 2008


    gosh..im feeling sick now...

    It's strange im falling sick because i haven't been eating alot of the new year junks. This year was the least amount of junks i had consumed during all the chinese new year's' so far. Yet i am suffering from running nose, cough and sore throat. My voice sounds so 'sexy' now...hopefully my voice will stay with me...


    Saturday, February 09, 2008

    Ching's advance bday celebration

    On cny eve, esther, van and me celebrated ching's birthday in advance. We went to kbox at cineleisure and presented her with a birthday surprise. =)
    I had so much fun with the girls! Really did enjoy myself alot.

    i love to sing!

    van was so preoccuppied with singing. Perhaps, it's one of her favourite jay chou's songs. haha.

    Esther was so cute posing for the camera. =)

    (left to right) esther, van, me and ching the birthday girl!

    Ching's birthday cupcakes which esther bought from her friend. I think her friend bakes really well.

    birthday wishes...

    We were enjoying the cupcakes! yummy...

    Our surprise for her! =) glad that she likes our gifts for her. kekez..

    Friday, February 08, 2008

    Chinese new year eve

    The day before, my family and i went to both sides to have our reunion dinners. Went downstairs to my paternal grandparents' at storey 8, then proceeded on to my maternal grandfather's house ay yishun. Just in case you guys exclaim loudly, "wow 2 dinners! i never knew denise could eat so much!" Please calm yourselves down because i had only 1 dinner afterall. hahaz.

    At my maternal grandfather's house

    We "lao yu sheng"! This was my after dinne desert. yum yum...

    ah jie (cousin) and i.

    chinese new year (day 1)

    Yesterday was a tiring day for me and guess what? I slept around 9.45 pm. It had been long since i slept that early! Anyways, let me recap where had i been to yesterday. Went to 4 places in total and that will explain my fatigue. Grandparents's houses of both my parents. 1 great-grandpa's house ad 1 other relative house at sembawang. I'm pretty lucky to have most of my close relatives staying in the north. =)
    At home
    Our family's tradition. Both me and sis would have to kneel in front of our dad to give new year's greetings in order to get our ang baos..haha.

    me, my dad and my sis. I'm the shortest between the 2. Well at least i'm not the shortest in my family.. oops =X haha...

    At my maternal grandfather's house

    ah Li (cousin) and I.

    hmm...acting retarted? LOL.

    (from left to right) me, my sis, ah Li and ah kor (cousins)

    haha..ah kor, why you looked so sian??!! u shld feel honoured to be surrounded by pretty girls! muahaha!

    me and ah kor.

    I think he looks much better with his hair like this because he suits shorter hair length. His previous hairstyle was horrendous! haha...

    my little cousin ani. She's adorable and sweet!

    For those who are curious about how my 4th aunt looks. This is her! yeah, the one who is back in singpore for a few weeks before going back to brisbane to continue her research to obtain her PHD. I'm so proud of her! =) Guess how old is my aunt? She is........ 42! She definitely looks way too young for 42.

    The 4 sisters.
    (from left to right) 1st aunt, 2 aunt, 4th aunt (youngest) and my mum who is the 3rd.

    Tuesday, February 05, 2008

    bak kwa

    Went to collect 6.5 kg of bak kwa just now. It was heavy though apparently my cousin n mr g did not think so...whatever...i have more fats then muscles than them loh. no choice, what to do? haha. But still, i am really appreciative for their help to drive and carry the bak kwa respectively. =)

    Looking forward for chinese new year! Happy CNY everyone!

    Photo of me taken by ching while waiting for my cousin to give us a lift. hehe. Finally i had got the chance to be driven by my cousin. muaahahaha...

    Sunday, February 03, 2008

    Charity event

    Gosh...my legs are still aching.

    Yesterday ching, ching's friends, van and I volunteered ourselves for a charity event organised by NTU CAC (Cultural Activity Club) Arts from the Heart for Chen Su Lan Methodist Children's Home at Vivo city. It was a carnival opened to the public mass, quite a big one, with games and performaces going on simultaneously. I must applaude those who planned for the performance program. They really did a good job to have about 10 hours of performances non-stop!

    Though my legs are still aching from excessive walking and standing, i enjoyed being part of it. Especially I got to interact with many kids when they came over to my game booth. They were sooooooo adorable and lovable! But of couse there were a few mischievious ones. haha.

    With that, we ended our long and busy day from 8 in the morning till 9.30 at night.

    Some pictures during the event:

    Our cute event pass. I thought i was able to keep it as a sovenier but it turned out that i had to return it to the organisers...sad.

    One of the performances around early-afternoon. Apparently, this "balloon" man was able to make his way into a humongous super expandable balloon! That was really insane! LOL.

    More crowds coming in during mid to late afternoon.

    van's game booth was just beside me, so we took it in our free time when 'business' was not too good. hahaz. Ching's booth was located quite far away from us and she was busy mending her booth so that was the reason why she's missing from this photo....

    The name of my booth -- EGG IT ON! Don't know why van keep appearing in my head whenever i see this. LOL. =X

    Each player was given 6 ping pong balls per trial and they were supposed to aim for the coloured areas with their ping pongs to score. Red had the highest score while green the lowest.

    Us and the mascot. This huggable bear bear was incredibly cute and the children loved it, including us! =)

    We are in the Singapore's Book of Record with this bear pieced up with 2500 50-cent coins! All of these, together with the funds we got from the game booths and donation box, were collected and donated to the children's home.