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    StaR in An auTuMn's niTe...

    sHimMeriNg of sTars in tHe niTe skY...bRinG my hAnd fOrwArD..tRyinG tO rEacH thEm...n wOndEriNg...wiLL i bE abLe to hOLd tHeM iN mY hAnD...?

    Friday, August 31, 2007

    Chong pang tour

    Thur 30/8/07

    After tuition yesterday, i became Gerard's (g) 'tour guide' and brought him around chong pang. He should very well know why lah hor. hahaz..

    Since we were both a little sick that day, we had a very healthy dinner choice - Fish soup and fish bee hoon soup for him instead of hokkien mee. We are good kids. LOL. However, blessed with a 'black hole' stomach, g was not full at all so he decided to have dessert - tang yuan in peanut soup. I had some of it and i thought it was pretty tasty. =)

    Not long after, we strolled to Starbucks at Northpoint and did more chattings plus browsing of our baby photos. Evidence showed that we WERE cute! Anyway, babies are generally cute and adorable. haha.
    Then we continued to crap until the starbucks staff chased us out because they were closing up and we almost got ourselves locked inside northpoint...haha...

    Well...i had enjoyed myself. =)

    PS: hey mr g, thank you for your treats. =)

    dinner with van, seet & ben

    Wed 29-8-07

    After school on wednesday, van and I met up with Seet n Ben for dinner at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe at Cineleisure. Their food there are not bad and their prices are rather reasonable. Then we decided to catch a movie - Dead Silence. For people who loves horror flicks, this film is NOT a good recommendation. Personally, i think that it is NOT at all scary and thrilling.
    My rating for 'Dead Silence' would be 2.5/5.

    Peanut butter with condense milk french toast! It's a sinful indulgence....haha. $3.90

    Fish fillet mee sua. Mine! $6.90

    Van's pork cubes soup mee. $5.90

    Seet's luncheon meat soup mee. $5.90

    Ben's cha shao soup mee. $5.90

    Sunday, August 26, 2007

    baby cousin!

    Just came home from my grandparents' place downstairs for dinner. I had so much fun with my baby cousin. She is so adorable! And you know what? she kept shaking her butt when i was playing with her, as if she was dancing. Cuuttteeeeeeee!

    She was looking at the camera, saying 'OH MY GOD!' hahaz....

    Personally i like this photo the most. It's artistic.

    Baby resting in the sarong.

    Nowadays, baby's products are so creative and fascinating. Just take this pacifier for example. It has a small container attached to the pacifier. Babies can use it as a pacifier and a water bottle at the same time. So it's 2 in 1. But the main purpose i think, is to ensure the babies drink enough H2O.

    See those clips on d cloth diaper? It is actually a substitute for pins that help to hold the cloth in place. Very safe. Furthermore, parents need not worry about the pin giving way and hurt their babies. Oh man...babies nowadays are so fortunate! How come we didn't have those in our time? haha...

    Saturday, August 25, 2007

    Great day at elders' home!

    Although i didn't have too much sleep yesterday, i was still feeling happy. =) Let it be a secret. hahaz...

    On top of that, i went to the elders' home at ang mo kio straight after my tuition. And Bernie was my tour guide of the day. Today's mean purpose of going to the home was to get a feel of how it would be like interacting with the elderly.

    They had this popiah making session which i also helped to make and serve. You should see our 'masterpieces'. I would say they are pretty unglamourous. But when we tried to get feedbacks from the elderly, most of them didn't seem to mind at all. Instead they were smiling and claiming the popiahs were delicious. I supposed it's our sincerity that add wonders to our 'masterpieces'. kekez... It really feels so nice to see them smile. In addition, the people in WSC are very friendly and easy-going. Therefore, i have already decided to join WSC - Elderly!

    Bernie and I were talking to one of the elderly, and i got to see her handicrafts. They were exquisite. At first look, you may think it is knitted from wool. BUT you will absolutely be SURPRISED! Because, they were actually knitted using raffia strings ( those you used to tied rice dumplings)! Amazing isn't it? However, she does not knit them anymore as her fingers' joints do not allow her too. Just hope she will feel better soon...

    Below are some photo of her craft works i took.


    A basket.

    Sunday, August 19, 2007

    A busy saturday.

    Yesterday was really quite a busy day for me. I was out from morning 1030 till the nxt day 0115. Basically, i went out to give tuition, meet sikai at causewaypoint for a short catch up (since i have not seen him for ages! 1.5 yrs probably.) and then went straight to meet van and andy at bishan mrt before meeting the rest at Marine Square for fireworks!

    me and sikai. My jc CO (chinese orchestra) friend cum classmate.

    The Esplanade was already extremely packed with people when we arrived at around 8pm. But it was alright as we still manage to get quite a decent spot for a good view. =) The fireworks lasted for about 15mins! And that's long! They had varieties of new colours (pink, turqoise and light green etc.) and designs (flower patterns) this time round. They were really beautiful yet short-lived... Maybe it's because due to it's short 'life-span', they appeared to be even more beautiful to us. Take life for example. We, as humans, usually would tend to cherish and treasure things/people more when they are unobtainable or rare to come by. But what about those people/things that are constantly appearing around us? Many times we would just perceive their presence to be 'normal' and 'for sure'. Eventually, we unconsciously take them for granted. Honestly, i am gulity of that. Only when we sense that things started to fall out within our expectation, then we would learn to appreciate and put them into consideration. Why must we always let things happened first before learning how to appreciate the things and people around us? Hence, producing lots and lots of waste products which i called it - regrets. However, it is always easier said than done...

    The pictures below were taken by agnes' hp because i forgot to bring my camera. So there wasn't any photos on the fireworks. hahaz... But at least i was able to enjoy it thoroughly without having to snap pictues every now and then. =)

    During the wait for the fireworks, agnes suggested all the girls to take pictures with each of the guys in our clique. For more pictures, please visit agnes' blog.

    The girls! Love ya! =)

    The guys.

    me and andy.

    me and ben.

    me and qb.

    Friday, August 17, 2007


    881 is a local production. Van, ben and I caught this movie in the afternoon just now. Initially, i was not interested as i was being stereotypical. Thinking that it would be just any other below average local production. But i was wrong, it turned out to be a good one, very locally done. Thanks to van's pestering, ben's treat and seet's recommendation, i relunctantly agreed to watch. I really must applaud the acting skills of the actors. They are brilliant!

    For people who are keen of catching this movie, please prepare yourselves a packet of tissues. And i am not kidding because i heard lots of sniffing sound in the threatre. That includes me. To be honest, i was crying quite badly while trying real hard not to make a sound. I guess i had been rather emotional... haaz...

    I will rate it 4/5 stars. If you want to laugh and cry at the same time, try this one and you will never regret.

    Thursday, August 16, 2007

    Some rantings

    It had alread been 2 weeks since the start of school. More and more readings are coming in. Just by thinking of that, my sleeping demon will start haunting me again. But the good news is...weekend is approaching real soon! I am suppose to meet my clique this saturday to enjoy the fireworks! Woo hoo...! At least there is something i am looking forward to.

    Imagine yourselves living a very routine and monotonous lifestyle, nothing to look forward to. It would be so sad that i think i could cry. LOL... However, there were times i unconsciously led myself to that entrance. Could not feel a thing. Numbness was all i got. In short, i was a living dead. This symptom would be exceptionally prominent during exams period or after the experience of something unpleasant. I think many of you would agree with me.

    Well...i am still learning how to 'self cure' myself to be a genuine happy person. I am not feeling depress or whatever so. It is just that i have not found the real meaning of life. I still have not found the reason for my own existence. Though i have a wonderful family and great friends and i do feel happy/blessed/fortunate to be in their presence, there is still a little part in me where emptiness creeps in silently.

    Perhaps, the every little achievements and setbacks along the way from the past, present and future would slowly fill up this emptiness through all the lessons learnt. As we constantly learn, we grow. Not literally of course. We cannot be physically growing non-stop right? If not all of our heads would be poking through the clouds! Or is it as we constantly grow, we learn? I guess it works both way. Both growing and learning happens simultaneously. kk... enough of my craps.
    Back to the topic.
    I believe the more we experienced in life, the more we matured in thinking. And we might be able to see things in a different perspective. Who knows that one day, i would be wise enough to explain the little emptiness in me. hahaazz...

    Please pardon me for being so sentimental and philosophical all of a sudden. =)

    For now, i will be happy and contented as can be.

    Love you peps! hehez...

    Wednesday, August 15, 2007

    another quiz

    Friday, August 10, 2007

    NDP 07

    First thing first, a BIG thank you to Qb for helping to get us precious tickets for NDP 07 (National Day Parade)! Without him, we would not be able to witness this historical moment. Why was this so? Because this was the first year we celebrated NDP at Marina Bay with a floating platform on the Singapore river! Lucky us! =)

    This was my first time to the actual NDP. My previous experience was during Primary 5 when all primary fives were invited to watch the preview. The feeling of immersing yourselves at the real event is a vast difference from what you experienced through watching television. I suddently felt super patriotic and proud to be a Singaporean when i was at the parade, not that i don't feel proud to be one during normal days arh...Please don't mistaken me. =p hahaz...

    Anyways, the pictures below speak a thousand words. So do enjoy!

    PS: hey peps, i already zipped all these photos. You can prompt me to send you when i'm online.

    On our way to City Hall.


    The privilege seats! We were seated right at the middle! Super good view of the whole parade!

    The stage.

    The star tourches that glow in the dark.

    Partial view of the 'red sea'. Estimated 95% wore red for the NDP!

    Our glorious Singapore flag! I love you! haaz...

    The marching in. They looked so smart in their uniform!

    Floating jelly fish glowing against the night sky of Singapore. It's beautiful!


    Peace dudes!

    End of NDP.


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    Thursday, August 09, 2007


    PS: Photos for NDP (national day parade) will be up soon! =)

    Tuesday, August 07, 2007

    bintan trip updates!

    Finally i am hardworking enough to post pictures of my bintan trip. hahaz.. Sorry to keep u guys waiting for so long. =)

    Nothing can really describe this trip except fun, fun and more fun! And i had my first try of driving a buggy and archery. Great experience. Since the resort's tours were too expensive, we kept ourselves busy by playing games such as chao dai dee, board-games, clams picking at the beach, karaok singing and night driving etc.

    At the terminal.

    Our Villa's kitchen.

    Van in the living room.

    Girls' master bedroom! hahaz.. we rushed to occupy before the guys did. =p

    I was preparing the lamp chop.

    Our DIY dinner excluding the nasi lemak.


    Qb and I at the beach.

    Van and I.

    I drove the buggy k! Not just pretending.

    Us! Qb was being obscene. Hahaazz....

    We looked so pro...! LoL. My score quite good hor...hehez..

    Our Villa 49!