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    StaR in An auTuMn's niTe...

    sHimMeriNg of sTars in tHe niTe skY...bRinG my hAnd fOrwArD..tRyinG tO rEacH thEm...n wOndEriNg...wiLL i bE abLe to hOLd tHeM iN mY hAnD...?

    Tuesday, September 26, 2006


    haiz...i had jus finished watching s whole series of getbackers (anime) ... d anime is so so so nice! think i'm gg to b quite depress for a while...really hope tt they hav 2nd season...i love d character so much! esp d thunder emperor - amano ginji n makizu ban!

    sat outing (2) 23/9/06

    van, me, agnes n ben...take note of the light spot abv ben's head...hahaz... Posted by Picasa

    sat outing 23/9/06

    seet, ek n qb...seet was so shy tt she covered her face! lol... Posted by Picasa

    Thursday, September 21, 2006


    My sis has just created a blog recently n has been pestering me to link her up...Being a kpo, as i usually am, i browsed thru some of her fren's blogs...the stuffs n d way they wrote on their blogs didn't sound like they r 14 yrs old...instead they sounded 5-6 yrs older...i cant really find a tinge of 'childishness' a 14 yrs shld hav...isit tt a pity? Did living in such an academic based n urban society like Spore 'forced' them to grow up fast? yes, we do hav childhood memories imprint in our younger generations today...they were childhood memories of tonnes of assessment bks, tuitions n computer games...do these consider as a wonderful childhood when our parents were having fun playing marbles, climb trees n swimming in d fish pond when they were young..?? i think we r deprive of a carefree childhood with parents naggin at us to do endless asessments with no time left for fun...kind of pathetic huh...On the other hand, if we were unable to get gd grades to strive abv others, soon we will b eliminated by d society...hai...Life is always so full of ironies n contradictions tt drive ppl nuts!

    Not only tt, kids (even in pri sch) nowadays r already tokin abt BGR!!! they r over mature can! Some started dating as young as 12, which is only Pri 6! some even had pre-marital sex at tt tender age! the rate of teenage pregnancies has been goin up d hill each yr. Has our society become less conservative tt sex is lesser a taboo to our young? Is this a repercussion due to d free access of media n technologies? with internet they r able to access to pronographic, in turn sparks off their curiosity n experience it themselves..with tv they r able to watch western shows, such as "sex in d city" n desperate housewives etc...they may hence cultivate their 'open mindedness' after a prolong period of those exposure...

    I wonder how am i suppose to educate my future kids? wld d situation b worse in d future as compared to d present?

    going off...nitez...

    recess wk is coming!

    i had jus completed my last mid-semester quiz today! though recess only starts nxt wk, i'm already in d holiday mood...lol..As a form of celebrating d coming recess, me n van went to cineleisure Kbox for a 4 hrs singin session! so shiok loh! coincidently, NUS recess falls on the same wk as NTU...tt means van,agnes, seet n me can meet up liao! it has been a long time since i last saw them...mayb abt 7 wks? van n i being v excited, had already started planning on wat to do n where to go during recess...hahaz...however, there r still assignments awaiting us...sian 1/2...

    i cant wait to attend tml's tok on how to practice a gd nite slp....i haven had a gd n deep sleep for a v long time...n this is draining me dry mentally...with obvious symptom like waking up feeling tired even sleeping for 7 hrs...n the end result is ------ a walking dead! haha...

    Monday, September 18, 2006


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    vocal lesson

    after my vocal lesson yesterday, i was told to b thick skin, 自恋 and learn to love my own voice in order to gain confidence! my parents still keep critising whenever i sing, so how am i able to gain self confidence with them giving me wet blankets like this? Do i really sound so horrible? see, u get wat i mean? i'm starting to doubt myself again! hai...think i hav to block out everythin bad my parents hav to say ba....

    i saw seet with her inky on my way home...but she nv tok to me...jus waved abit n went off...mayb kim was ard too so she was not convenient to tok to me? haa...

    anw, got to continue on my revision liao...taaz~

    Friday, September 15, 2006

    YJC singing competition!

    This evening i met up with qb, andy n ben for YJ singing contest after givin tution to my 2 students....
    It seemed that YJ had made this contest really grand as compared to d past 2 yrs which i had participated in...they even invited 2 ppl from butterfly records (海蝶) as judges! unbelivable rite??!!! most of the solo contestants were gd but the group contestants were....i wld say they really can't sing....

    i really hope tt i will hav improvements on my vocal too! n i'm lookin forward to my vocal lesson this sunday! but i'm dreading soci tests this coming tues n wed...haiz...pls save me~

    PS: qb jio me to partyworld leh! hahaz...

    Sunday, September 10, 2006

    cocktail party

    i think i really need to do some updating coz i've hav not been bloggin for quite a while...
    Yest i went to my cousin's fren's cocktail party...my reason to go was of coz to see shuai ge loh...his fren's hse was damn huge! 3 storeys bunglow and with 2 or 3 maids! rich ppl man... they are my cousin's canoeing frens...each of them were supposed to bring some1 along...n this was how i get to go...(d actual reason behind was my cousin's gf need to study for A levels so cldn't make it, i was being asked instead) i noe how wld u guys react when u see the word cocktail...u all might think tt i was not able to hold my alcohol, but i did! i was quite surprised at my alcohol tolerance level...1 big glass of cocktail, 1/3 glass of wine and 1 cup of voka w coke....hahaha....Guess wat?! all of them was from RJ can! imagine how outcast i felt...there was really no sense of belongin there...to tell d truth, i felt quite intimidating....all r so westernized...they dun even noe how to speak proper mandarin! haha...this is d only thing i'm proud of myself! =) overall,d girls they brought along were friendly but 2 of them was rather snoobish...so dao...as if i was gg to snatch thier bf! argh! haiz...but sadly, all of d guys hav gf liao...no chance...sob~ ahaha...i sounded as if i v desperate...choy!! lolx...

    At abt 12.30 am, they decided to go to MOS for clubbing...since i hav not been there be4, i told myself y not go there n hav an experience...To my horror, d place was so so smoky! i think my life is being shortened after inhaling so much smoke! It was also extremely crowded there! i nearly suffocated! we were literately squeezing thru d crowd while dancing.....haha....after 2 hrs of dancing, my cousin n i went off 1st while others continue clubbing...

    It's alr 4 when i reached my cousin's hse for a sleepover...n didn't get to slp until 5am! i only had 4 hrs of slp be4 goin for my vocal lesson...i'm so tired now!!! got to go to slp liao...nitez...