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    StaR in An auTuMn's niTe...

    sHimMeriNg of sTars in tHe niTe skY...bRinG my hAnd fOrwArD..tRyinG tO rEacH thEm...n wOndEriNg...wiLL i bE abLe to hOLd tHeM iN mY hAnD...?

    Wednesday, April 26, 2006

    sat~ 22-4-06

    qb, i'm v sorry to take such a long time to blog n upload those pic...u noe i v buzy leh...go work, eat n slp leh...wahaha...( i v qian bian rite!)

    On sat, 22nd of april 2006...seet, qb, ben, van & me went to semb shppin centre de thai restuarant for dinner...after tt the 5 of us went to cwp supposedly to watch a movie - Dark nite. but van had sth on last min so the 4 of us went ahead...the hong kong n thai horror stories were not bad but the jap de was....how shld i put it...senseless?? Posted by Picasa

    us at cwp~

    this was taken after the movie at cwp~ oh man...y was qb smelling seet's hair?!! (mayb he was tryin to figure out what brand shampoo was seet using??) ahaha...n i look like shit in this pic! whahahaz... Posted by Picasa

    fried thai fish!

    this is the main character! the thai fried fish! it's so crispy tt u can even chew on it's fins! n it's meat was quite tender n smooth....*drooling* i love this dish man...!~~ Posted by Picasa

    honey chicken

    honey chicken! it may look like fried pork's fat...but it's actually chicken w little fats! it may seem oily...but i think it's actually honey...ahahaz.. Posted by Picasa

    gai lan vege

    gai lan vege....it goes v well w white rice! Posted by Picasa

    fried sotong!

    fried sotong! 1 of my favourites! crispy on the outside n springy in the inside! u hav my vote for this too! Posted by Picasa

    swt & sour pork

    swt & sour prok! yumm.... i like the sauce n pineapple! Posted by Picasa


    qb! this is a pic which he kept *beggin* me to take for him... i was so ke lian while seet, van & ben alr started pigging in...sob~ wahahaz. Posted by Picasa


    (* jus wan to share w u guys) this little doggie is own by my cousin. his name is Milo! i love him! muackz~~~ Posted by Picasa

    Thursday, April 20, 2006


    today, agnes n i went to lots of job interviews...most prob we will b going for the surveyor job...

    i got an offer frm NTU Sociology liao! i'm actually really really surprised when i got their letter...coz one of the proffessors, during the interview, told me tt there were 200++ applicants competing for 28 places...but i really hope to receive NUS FASS letter of offer....n i also hope berny will get it too...then we still can look out for each other... =) *god pls bless us*

    Tuesday, April 18, 2006

    well...well... i shall start bloggin on wat had happened since Good Friday...

    Fri - 14 april
    Good Friday...Public Hols...
    So mum, sis n me went to "si ma lu" temple in the morning to pray...after tt, we went to the market there to buy some try dry strimps, herbs, perserved prunes n candies!!! mum spent a total of abt $100 ++ (nearly $200)... scary huh~ these things can actually cost so much...haa.
    it's quite weird to carry 2 big plastic bags ( full of previous buyings) , shopping around bugis village! i looked like ah soh man~! wahaha....!
    we walked n walked...guess wat?! i saw a nice pair of shades n bought it...heez...

    At ard 2.30pm, my da yi ( big aunt) came to fetch us to her house coz she wld b treating us to makan seafood at Long Beach Restaurant for dinner! da yi's family n the 3 of us ate seafood tt cost a total of $700++!!!!!!!!!!! damn ex rite!! u mus b curious wat had we eaten tt cld add up to such amount rite? let me tel u...we hav lobster sashimi, long shell clam, steam king prawns, fried butter prawns, alaska king crab (best!!!), chilli kang kong, salted fish fried rice n desert...
    the lobster sashimi was so so so fresh tt one of it's legs was still jerking! wahaz. the swtness was "forced" out by eating together w wasabi...ohh...
    the main character was none other than the alaska king crab! this alaska king crab cost my da yi $300!!!! it's was enomous n damn fresh...! the flesh was firm, thick n huge! it tasted extr swt n chewy...oh man~ tt was wat i call heaven....(drooling now) =p

    PS: thank u da yi n her family for treating us...without them, i think i dont even hav the chance to taste the famous alaska king crab! haiz...really regretted for not rememberin to take down pics to show u guys....argh~!

    Sat - 15 april
    hm...nth much happened...

    Sun - 16 april
    went to grandpa's hse to tuition my cousin as usual loh....

    Wednesday, April 12, 2006

    weird encounter at work place...

    woo wahh....it has been almost 2 wks since i blogged loh...
    everyday is the same...so nth much to update...guess wat? agnes n i had encountered sth spooky in our work place's toilet...hmm...not really spooky lah...but v weird....

    haiz...tml i got sociology interview at NTU...nervous man...still got language test! sianz 1/2...n i need to wait for 2 hrs be4 the interview starts...! oh man...god bless me for tml~ hope tt my sore throat will recover by tml...*praying real hard*