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    StaR in An auTuMn's niTe...

    sHimMeriNg of sTars in tHe niTe skY...bRinG my hAnd fOrwArD..tRyinG tO rEacH thEm...n wOndEriNg...wiLL i bE abLe to hOLd tHeM iN mY hAnD...?

    Tuesday, July 31, 2007

    a short holiday tml

    Hey people, sorry for being MIA recently. The reason was that i was simply too lazy to blog about my uninteresting and routine days. Nothing has creates enough sparks for me to write. Forgive me. Haaz.. =p

    Oh ya, i have something to announce. I am going to Bintan tomorrow morning on a 11am ferry! Van and I had been thinking for this short 'escapade' (btw, only 2 days 1 night) for ages and finally a suitable date was set for van, qb, eugene and me. Yoo hoo! Can't wait for tomorrow to arrive!

    I will update on the short bintan trip after i return. Hopefully i am able to take lots of pictures to share with you peps. =)

    Take care!

    Saturday, July 21, 2007

    Harry Potter Book 7!

    Yeah! My Harry Potter book was out today!!!

    Monday, July 16, 2007

    Photos taken on my birthday.

    Thank you to van, seet, qb, ben, andy and ek for celebrating my 20th birthday with me. But of course, not forgetting our beloved agnes who although did not turn up due to her camp, had her present given to me via seet! Buddies, i love all the presents you guys had chosen for me!

    PS: Benie aka van, i am still waiting for your DIY gift. Hehez...

    (left to right) Van, me, ek, seet, ben, qb and andy!

    The lovey dovey couple! hehez....

    Qb and andy were forced to take a picture with me while they were busy singing. LOL...

    My birthday cake! It so chocolatey....yummy....

    Time to blow out the candles. Happy 20 to me! haaz..

    They were all preoccupied with the cake...look at van, she could not wait to have a bite of it! And as usual, andy was the most excited upon seeing the cake!

    3 siao ding dongS! HAHA.

    Let's dance to the beat, yeah! Look at my weird expression face! hilarious right??!!!

    What's over there?

    At home...after the celebration. This beautiful jigsaw puzzle was given to me from Ben! And i really like the reason he chose this puzzle out of other gifts. =)

    The box for the jigsaw.

    Ben and the jigsaw puzzle.

    A chinese quote...

    This phrase was quoted from a chinese novel given to me by kimberly as birthday present and i find it rather meaningful.

    Here it goes....


    PS: Birthday photos will be uploaded when i don't feel lazy...haaz... =p

    Saturday, July 14, 2007

    Birthday on the 13th July

    I want to thank all who remembered my birthday and those who had squeezed out their precious time to celebrate with me! =)

    Well, i need to get some sleep now. Pictures for my birthday will be uploaded soon. Stay tune!

    Good night to all!

    Wednesday, July 11, 2007

    Good stuff!

    Let me present you with my new MINI MICROPHONE!!! I just got it yesterday at a discounted price of $38 bucks (only for their own students) at my vocal school - Music Story! It's red and it's so COOL! I heart it totally! hahaz. The mini mircrophone comes in four colours - blue, purple, red and black.

    Now i am able to carry my personal mircrophone whenever i go to K (just attach the cable to the mic. For the time being, i only know k box is using the standard cable but i do not know about partyworld...) and vocal lessons. It is so portable and it certainly feels good to own one. =) lalala..

    By the way, i was happy that 方鈡鏵老師 commented that i looked better with my new hairstyle! Heng arh...at least my money spent on the haircut didn't go to waste. If not can bang the wall liao...LOL...

    Usually my vocal lessons are on Sundays and i went yesterday to have my make up lesson. Just in case you do not know, i still have 4 make up lessons to go! Must make sure i get them cleared before school reopens. And you know what? weekdays are the best for make up lessons since there are fewer student around. Like yesterday, we spent almost 3 hrs at Music Story which was double the time for normal lesson. The three of us (Hwee eng, Kim and I) sang to our hearts content. Not forgetting, we were using our new microphones of course! *wide smile*

    Monday, July 09, 2007

    Chop chop!

    Hey people!

    I had just chopped off estimated 12-13cm of my hair today. I like it alot but personally i preferred it shorter. Maybe i will be going to the salon again soon...



    Relative's wedding dinner

    SAT - 7/7/07

    Last saturday, my whole family went to attend my relative's wedding dinner at Arena Country Club. It was actually quite near to NTU. That was a very good time to catch up with my cousins. =) Love them to the core! hehez..

    The food served there was average. Not very fantastic nor very yucky, so should not complain much.

    Getting ready to go out.

    Sis and I waiting for the bus to fetch us to the wedding dinner.

    Us again..

    The bride and groom... so envy...felt like getting married at that point of time. =X LOL. It is so wonderful to be able to married to someone whom you really love and spend the rest of you life with him/her...

    4 mothers.

    My cousins!

    Ah jie (cousin) and me. Ah Li we miss you! Where are you...? =P

    Muackz! This is the most retarted picture i have taken! But i kinda like it? LOL.

    Ah jie, me & sis.

    Me drinking red wine...just kidding! That was coke actually. hahaz.

    That pair of fingers belongs to my sis.

    My cousin also my clone because she's the kid version of me. That's how i looked like when i was younger. I'm serious... =)

    Friday, July 06, 2007

    Siamese Twins?

    While i was happily enjoying a box of cherries (bought by my mom), i came across this erm...unique looking cherry? Two cherries joined together as one sharing the same stalk. Just like siamese twins depending on one placenta for nutrients when they were still in their mother's womb. Don't you think so?

    What surprised me was they actually have 2 separated individual seeds, which i initially thought they would be sharing 1 seed since there was only 1 stalk present. Amazing isn't it?

    Wednesday, July 04, 2007

    Arab Street

    Yesterday Ching, Esther, Van and I went to attend NTU's GIP (Global Immersion Programme) talk. What i noticed was most of the options are catered to Business and Engineering students. HSS students like us are quite deprived of choices. Sian...

    Anyways, I was so happy to see all 3 of them. Especially Esther and Ching, because it had been almost 2 moths since i last saw them. That was long. At least i get to see my beloved bernie aka Van almost every week. =)

    After the 2 hours talk session, off we went to Arab Street to have our long awaited Egyptian food! heh heh... Below were some of our cam-whoring photos. Enjoy... haha...

    PS: Girls, just tell me when r u free for me to send you all the pics. =)

    Esther, me, Ching and Van.
    This picture was taken by a real kind lady. Btw, i thought she was a tourist or maybe we did look like tourists to her since we were takinglots of photos. She even asked us where were we from and Esther told her we were from NTU! muahahaz...

    Ching likes this pink building alot!

    Focus on Van's expression...Hahahaz...interesting~~~~

    Van, me and Ching.

    Van, me and esther.
    Thinking...thinking...thinking... we are intellectuals...LOL.

    I heart this pic best man!!! It's hilarious!

    This is the famous Egyptian restaurant with one of their staff.

    oh look! someone ALMOST got kissed! hahaz... That's for camera effect. The staff was trying to be friendly... but i think they were over friendly, maybe that was their culture?
    The menu.

    I forgot what was this called...but it was some kind of Egyptian salad.

    Some mixed meat platter.

    Wedges! They were delicious! And it was highly recommended. =)

    Makan-ing time! yeah!

    Random pic of a letter box. Just find it rather fascinating.