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    StaR in An auTuMn's niTe...

    sHimMeriNg of sTars in tHe niTe skY...bRinG my hAnd fOrwArD..tRyinG tO rEacH thEm...n wOndEriNg...wiLL i bE abLe to hOLd tHeM iN mY hAnD...?

    Monday, June 26, 2006

    [Audio] Kirk Whalum / Secret Garden

    i wan his album!

    The Randy Bandits - Story Of Your Life (shower a capella)

    beautiful voices in harmony...2 thumbs up!

    Classical Video #4- Moonlight Sonata (first movement)

    i fall in love w kyle playin this piece...i came across this while surfin youtube. No others who posted their videos ( moonlight Sonata) can compare to his. His version is much more emotional n he got the feelin rite..he's amazingly talented at a very young age of 16! u guys shld check out his other videos, he's totallt awesome at improvision...!! he makes me regret for choosin ballet instead piano when i was younger (ard age 4)...who noes tt i might b a pro now if i were to take up piano at tt time? haiz...

    Sunday, June 25, 2006

    happy bday to seet!

    yap! yesterday was the celebration of seet's bday! but today - 25th of june is the actual date... =)
    Happy bday to u...happy bday to u...happy bday to seet seet...happy bday to u! a big big kiss for u juz in case u come across my blog...MmuaccKKz!!!! hahahaz...
    most of our clique ppl went...van, qb, agnes, ben, me n of coz ek! n the pizzas made by seet's mum were v delicious!! esp the pizza dough! it's so crispy on the open n soft in the inside....yumm...yumm...

    Be4 i went for the celebration, i actually went to nee soon camp for some exibitions...jeff told me tt his family members n his gd fren were not in...but he mus bring in at least 1 person to the exibition, so i went...(tt place is for combat engineers n i heard it was for the accomodation for high ranks)...hahaz...n since i had nv been to a NS camp be4 mah...

    a few tanks were being exibited...but i guess they somehow looked too complication for me to noe...haha...anw, it was a rather different kind of experience...too bad i didn't bring camera! coz i thot it wasn't allowed...argh~

    Friday, June 23, 2006

    K box!

    went for interview for psychology today...n i got to noe tt there are quite a no. of applicants competing for a few vacancies...ahaha...slim chance man...

    actually there was a 219 girls' outing but we ended up cancellin it...coz quite a few of them had sth cropped up last min...so in the end after visiting my ex managers at hyatt, i went to k box w xiao hui since she suggested it...lol...we sang for almost 5 hrs! we v pro rite? lolx...at least i got to satisfy my craving for singing! =) then we went to BK to hav dinner...shopped ard be4 goin home...i enjoyed myself today! kekez...

    Tuesday, June 20, 2006

    Jolin - 假裝 Jia Zhuang

    Really nice song...

    Saturday, June 17, 2006

    farewell dinner

    yesterday was my last day at Royal Insignia...n my 2 managers treated me to Mezza 9...the restaurant at hyatt...it was very nice of them to b treating jus a part-timer to such restaurant...haiz...very touched leh....i almost cried when i shook their hands good-bye...very she bu de them...i mus say i'm v lucky n grateful to hav them as a manager n mentor...they taught me alot on gems stones n the way of doin sales...they hav no airs n v willin to impart their konowledge to me....

    PS: thank u kevin ah gong n joan! both of u r the nicest boss ard! take care.... =)

    Sunday, June 11, 2006

    back from cruise! =)

    i jus came back from cruise this afternoon...really did enjoy myself alot...but i cant help to b alittle disappointed to to b able to see any sunrise, sunset...not even stars....coz the weather was quite bad...it had been rainy n foggy....haiz...nevertheless, i still get to see the sea, hear the waves n feel the breeze! =)

    the food there was fantastic! esp their breads n cakes! i tell u i ate really alot! i guess my fellow frens will not believe me...hahaha...tioo bad i didn't manage to take pics of the food...as they had been eaten up be4 i remb to take them down...lolx...i feel sinful now...haiz...

    on the second day (sat-10/6), tt day was my very 1st time i stepped my foot into the casino....n it was also my very 1st time to sat my fingers onto the jackpot! ahaha...my aunt sponser me 40 bucks...all lost...haha...anw, i dun think it's really tt fun... =X

    Lastly, i really really really enjoyed myself...the feeling when u overlook the sea frm shore n the feeling of overlooking the sea on board is really different...the sea had been calm these 2 days...it gave me a sense of peacefulness...at the same time, loneliness....... Posted by Picasa

    super virgo star cruise

    i was at the top deck! super virgo star cruise!!!! woo hooo! Posted by Picasa

    the sky

    the evening sky.... Posted by Picasa

    celling of the lobby

    tinted glass celling! they are beautiful, aren't they? i took this pic at the lobby.... =) Posted by Picasa

    sis at the lobby

    sis at the lobby...quite grand huh... =) Posted by Picasa

    at the lobby

    i was at the lobby with 3 golden horse behind me....i looked like an idiot here k!!!! Posted by Picasa

    our cabin

    this is our little cabin w a little window for sea viewing...the room also not cheap hor....$1000++...the cheaper ones r those without window n balcony.... Posted by Picasa

    sis eating....

    we were at the merritarean buffet restaurant...it was supper time...well, my sis was busyin eatin while i was too full to eat anymore.... Posted by Picasa

    oil painting1

    another oil painting at the stairway...but i dunoe which dynasty the was the artist painting... Posted by Picasa

    me n mum

    my mum n i! ok...i was tryin to act funny here...hahaz Posted by Picasa

    me n sis

    pics of my sis n i at a corridor somewhere within the ship... Posted by Picasa


    this was the wave created by the moving ship....it's really nice to enjoy the beauty of the sea... =) Posted by Picasa

    me in front of the mirror...

    me in front of a mirror in my cabin....haha Posted by Picasa

    aunt's balcony cabin

    my aunt's n uncle's balcony cabin....this room is v ex man...! it cost $2000+ this is all due to the extra balcony w a sea view....btw, mst cabins r alot smaller than the normal hotel rooms... Posted by Picasa

    sis lickin sock

    NC16 pls...my sis was tryin to b gross by pretending to lick her socks! eWWwww...stinkx~ Posted by Picasa

    mum n sis

    mum & sis posing at the deck of the ship...my younger is is obviously alot taller than my mum... =X kekez... Posted by Picasa


    taken on the last day (sun morning-11/6)...lighthouse....

    painist on star cruise

    this pianist here plays wonderful oldies...he captured the ears of young and old (ages ranges frm kids as young as 4 to elderly as old as 70+) . He really charms us... heez... Posted by Picasa

    Thursday, June 08, 2006

    panasonic DMC-FX01 dig cam!

    i bought this dig-cam jus now! Panasonic DMC-FX01 ! nice? but i still heart pain to spend quite alot...sob~ i'm gettin really to take lots of pics on cruise! heez...off i go on fri evening n back on sun afternoon! i'm so excited to see the open sea...hear the sound of waves, smell the saltyness of the sea n feel the breeze of the wind across the face...do ppl get to see sunset on a cruise??!! n starry nite sky??! but i dun think it will get anywhere near romantic w my sis ard...duh~ lolx...i'll keep u guys update when i'm back! kekez..
    oh ya! i think i saw the Chen Peter at Takashimaya jus now...haha...

    Sunday, June 04, 2006

    sat n sun...

    today went to watch THE NUN...hmm...not really as gd as i expected...so it's quite a disappointment....X men 3 was not bad...! =) haaz... got lots of interestin movies coming up...tis mth sure broke 1...noe wat? Pirates of the Caribbean is screened on my bday! coincidence...heez...

    hm...after the movie, i went to "tuition" my cousin as usual....n finally i had a taste of home cooked home after quite a long time...home cooked food is the best! nth can compare to it! my aunt's cookin improve tremendously...! heez... =))


    me...tryin to act cute...but sad to say...it's called act cute buay cute!!! wahaha.... Posted by Picasa

    ah min 2

    my sis w specs...pardon me...my hp cam not v clear...lolx Posted by Picasa

    my sis.....

    my sis without specs.... Posted by Picasa


    aide! dunoe whether i shld laugh or cry....hahaz... Posted by Picasa


    proudly presents.....my little angelic cousin! muackz~** Posted by Picasa

    Friday, June 02, 2006


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