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    StaR in An auTuMn's niTe...

    sHimMeriNg of sTars in tHe niTe skY...bRinG my hAnd fOrwArD..tRyinG tO rEacH thEm...n wOndEriNg...wiLL i bE abLe to hOLd tHeM iN mY hAnD...?

    Saturday, July 29, 2006

    219 outing at Breeks

    I jus came back frm 219 class outing at Breeks! Really nice to see most of the class girls! so many tok to catch up with...the most happiest thing was to b able to see Ms Ong! hehez....Best Chemistry tutor ever! =)) Posted by Picasa

    219 girls rocks!

    (left to right) xinyi, me, cutie jama, van, seet n steph! u girls rocks man!! =) Posted by Picasa

    me n illya!

    me n illya! this girl arh...always so bubbly n fun!! heez... Posted by Picasa

    ms ong!

    Proudly presents...my JC2 chem tutor, Ms Ong! i respect this lady lots! =) Posted by Picasa

    me n steph!

    steph n i...! both of us too "white" liao...i mean fair la...hahha... Posted by Picasa

    the 4 of us!

    oh...poor van...she's d odd 1 out since she's wearing white while the 3 of us wore black...=X lol... Posted by Picasa

    me n peikiat!

    tt's my panda darling, pei kiat!!! couple t-shirt somemore leh! black~ hahaz...Nisa was behind us. Posted by Picasa

    Friday, July 28, 2006

    Toa payoh

    today, van, agnes n i went to toa payoh to shop...most of the things they sell are v cheap! i bought 2 bottoms n a pair of sandals...1 denim skirt n 1 knee-length pants...i'm so happy today! coz....i finally found a heel-strip sandals!! v cheap! only $12.90! wahhaha....! =)

    oh man...i hav been so addicted to the anime -Bleach! All thanks to agnes who had recommended me tis anime...! i love the storyline n how the characters were drawn! Renji is so shuai! Kon n nova r so cute! woohoo! love all them~ hahaz...

    oh ya, agnes had jus recommended me another anime - blood +
    she said it was not bad...
    i shall try watching tt....hehe...

    Qunbao's bday entry

    22 JuL 06 - SAT

    well...this entry was all abt wat had happened during QB's BBQ bday party at east coast Park last sat, which was the 22nd of jul 2006...Being a good fren, i agreed to b qb's camera man...eh, i mean lady...hahaz...

    To sum up, all of us had enjoy ourselves... =)

    PS: Qb, msg me when u r online, so i can send u the pics via msn messenger.
     Posted by Picasa


    sandcastles built to resemble the castles in the movie - Narnia! cool har! Posted by Picasa

    pole dancing?

    OH MY GOD~!!! was QB pole dancing w a lamp post while having satay!!?? hmm...tt's gross... =X muahahaha.........!!! Posted by Picasa

    cute little girl frm Denmark!

    see tt cute swt little girl? she's frm denmark k! her mom was so nice to let her take pics w us! Posted by Picasa

    our spore flag!

    woohooo....! our s'pore flag flyin in the air of ecp! think they were rehearsing for the coming Ntional Day ba....I love U, Singapore! mUacKz...! Posted by Picasa

    sittin on a stone bench...

    (left to rite) wei wei, agnes, seet n me...n the 1 behind us was no other ppl except Mr QunBao! haha.... Posted by Picasa

    QB's army frens

    QB w his army frens... Posted by Picasa


    this pic was taken by andy chua! aargh...his skill v lousy! make me look so weird in tis pic!stupid andy! wahahaz..... Ready 1...2...3...PUNCH QB! =X Posted by Picasa

    QB n his phs frens...

    QB n his PHS frens...oh man...he's tryin to act "cool" holdin his bday present...wahahaz... Posted by Picasa

    QB's bday cake!

    happy bday to QB!this was QB's birthday cake~! can u see a rabbit cartoon on the cake...? heez...coz our zodiac is rabbit mah...it's so cute! Posted by Picasa

    QB's cousins!

    QB's family photo! as u can see...he got lots of cousins tt r younger than him! lolx... Posted by Picasa

    2 denise(s)

    am i seeing double? hahaz...proudly presents....The 2 denise(s)!!! =)) Posted by Picasa

    Wednesday, July 19, 2006

    shitty day!

    argh!!! today my temper v hot! went to yis w agnes jus now to apply for ez link concession...then i was thinkin to collect my reserviced lenses n sandals on the way...but guess wat?! tt cobbler told me tt mine is not done yet!!! he's the 1 who told me tt i cld come on tue (which was yest) to collect the sandals n now he told me he hasn't done it!? tt means i got to go yis again! waste my $ loh...! $2.20 to n fro leh! shitty~~~~i'm yearning to wear tt comfy leader polo sandals of mine for v long liao leh......hai....mayb fri go back n collect again ba....

    agnes recommended me the strawberry red tea de bubble tea at cwp...nice leh~ =) hahaz...can buy tt nxt time.

    Tuesday, July 18, 2006

    the grand cathay

    this is how the cinema looks like...but the images r quite unclear...

    pirates of the carribean

    Went to the cathay (dhoby ghaut) to catch d move Pirates of the Carribean: The Dead man's chest (digital) with agnes n van! the images w sharp n the sound system was perfect! the grand cathay (which is the biggest threater at the cathay) is big, grand n so cool! n the screen is relatively big compared to the other cinema! once we stepped in, we were like wah wow wooo....!! coz it's our 1st time there..hahaz...

    Let's tok abt the movie...it's damn hilarious! esp those scenes w jack paro (johny depp). wahaha...i think others might think tt the 3 of us r siao coz we laughed the hardest n the loudest! not tt we wan, it's becoz it was too funny to control our laughters mah...however, i was wonderin y others dun find it as funny as we do? hmm...
    eh..but the endin was not good...like no endin...so i guess we mus wait for the 3rd movie liao...*fingers counting* at least 2 more yrs to go b4 it will go on screen ba....? haiz...anw, it's a good movie not to b missed! i love it! =))

    Saturday, July 15, 2006


    went to orchard w mum today... this beautiful n well bloom sunflower was given to me by some1 at orchard...hehe...swt isn't it?
    whey...whey...think straight hor! dun think "slant"! lolx...this flower was actually given out by m1 ppl la...they were tryin to do some promotion so they gav out sunflowers to passer by for free k! anw, tis pretty yellow flower did brighten up my mood after whole day of seekin for sandals w heel strip. until now, i still cant find 1 comfortable de!!! haiz....... Posted by Picasa

    happy bday review

    THURS - 13 JUL 06

    these pics were taken on the day of my bday...my parents treated me to bottle tree restaurant...geez~ thanks pa..! thanks ma!
    notice tt the pics of food were left out? my explanation for tt was....i forgot! hahaz...the food was so irresitable tt all of us gobbled it down in no time...n by the time i remb, it was alr half finished! wahahaz... Posted by Picasa

    blowin bday cake!

    happy 19th bday! Posted by Picasa

    mum, sis n me!

    outside bottle tree...hoho...to my sis - "stop pointing at my head! argh~" haha..... Posted by Picasa

    dad n me

    me n my dad! my papa shuai4 rite? =X lol...btw, my dad is alr 48 yrs old loh...n my mum 47...hehe...they look young, aren't they? =) Posted by Picasa

    mum n dad

    my mum & dad! lolx... Posted by Picasa

    dad, mum & sis

    dad, mum n younger sis...wat abt me? MIA? yalor, coz i was the 1 takin the pic mah... =S hahaz.. Posted by Picasa

    sea view at bottle tree

    nice rite? this was d sea view taken at bottle tree...i love the sea.......... Posted by Picasa