StaR in An auTuMn's niTe...

sHimMeriNg of sTars in tHe niTe skY...bRinG my hAnd fOrwArD..tRyinG tO rEacH thEm...n wOndEriNg...wiLL i bE abLe to hOLd tHeM iN mY hAnD...?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

vivocity 10-12-07 (mon)

Mr g and I went to Vivocity again. It was the 3rd time in the past 2 weeks! But we did not have a choice as "Nanking" was only show at Vivo's GV Europa. And it cost us 10 bucks each! Not the usual ticket price...Anyway, it's a worth watching documentary.

After that, we went the Asian Kitchen to have our dinner.

Mine. Prawn wanton soup. I totally heart the soup. It is light and sweet!

Mr g's. Some beef soup la mian.

At Harbour Front, Standing in front of some cyclinder pillar with silver linning. We treated it as a mirror and that was the only time i looked slim. ahaha...

Drinking Moccha at Pacific Cafe.

The seat was so spacious and comfy..


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