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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Friends for life?

This morning as i woke up, i overheard my ma talking to my pa about her secondary classmates. I was like wow! It has already been how many years...? hm, let's see. 48-16= 32 yrs.
oh's a freaking 32 yrs! They have been in and out of contact for so many years and i wonder, will my friends and i still be keeping in touch when we were 60? hahaz. i hope so. The people we really called friends are not some only know you through "hi and bye". Those are acquaintances to be specific.
Friends are already not easy to find, not to mention about true friends. They are harder to come by or you may not even get to find one in a life time.
My fellow friends i know are people who i'm able to trust because i know they don't have any ulterior motives to harm me.

Personally, i think that the chance of meeting good friends from school is greater than in a workforce. Every now and then, i will hear my ma and relatives telling me, '' when you are working next time, you better be open your eyes BIG BIG and be highly vigilant of your surroundings or else you'll never know who may be 'stabbing' you from behind and claim all your credits!" hmm... i make the world of reality sound so cold and harsh. haha... Anyway, i acquiesce their views. To survive in the outside world is tough, it's a place full of competition and massive ambitions. Many people are trying all means to get to the top by using undermining methods to get rid of their opponents. In order to protect myself from being sabotage or whatever, i will probably fence up myself and soon i may turn into a parnoid. hahaz...How can i possibly get to know people in such situation.

Throughout a lifetime, many people walk in and out of your social circles. Some leave you with footprints while some don't. How are we suppose to remain close in touch with those (people who leave you with footprints). Without intiation, determination and the heart to mantain contact, you will probably lose them after some time. Imagine when you (eg. age 36) were out on the streets one day and you saw your former secondary mate. Both of you used to be very good friends during school but had since lost touch for 20 years. You had the urge to say a hi, but was held back by uncertainties. Thinking that what if she don't remember me and thinks i'm a psychotic?" LOL... That would be really MULU! Plus if she were to remember me, would we have topics to start a conversation? After all, many things can happened within this long period of time and people do change. The things you think are common topics for the both of you in the past may no longer be now. What if because of your ignorance, you say things that offend her. Such as..."Hey! long time no see! You must be married with kids." If the friend (still single) you were talking to someone who was a sensitive person in nature, she would probably be fuming and swear to herself not to see you again, forever. wow...i think i've given too many illustrations... hahaz.

My ma also mentioned about some of her classmates wanted to organise a class outing. It's so cool right? it's like after so many years... she told me her classmates have great careers and have achieved alot thoughtout the year while she's just a home-maker (housewife to be exact but ma don't like this title so i use home-maker instead) now. But this is definitely NOT true. She's the best ma i can ever have and i'm extremely proud of her! Despite graduating from a Chinese school with a O levels Cert, she worked as an administrator at a law firm and slowly promoted to assistant secretary. Throughout the years working there, she learn how to speak and write better English. Could you imagine how tough it was for her to adapt since was from a Chinese school and Chinese speaking family? Not only that, she also worked as an insurance agent before. Cool huh. Though she no longer work as an insurance agent, many people still go to her for opinions before deciding which policies to buy. I would say she's knowlegeble in this area. The reason of her to be a home-marker is to look after my sis.
My sis is already in Sec 3 now and my ma is an avid PSG (Parent Student Group) committee member in my sis's school. She helps organising school events and doing coordinating stuffs. See what i mean? She's capable! oh ya! Did i mention that she bake delicious cakes and pineapple tarts! MuacKZ! i love her! =)


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