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Monday, February 26, 2007

Waiting for the right one

With reference to Steph's Entry: Waiting for d right girl/woman.

After reading Steph's blog, many thoughts came gushing out. Therefore, i shall pen down my thoughts and opinions here.
Yes, i agree that waiting can be a very tiring, draining n torturous process. (That is why i don't like to be late n let others wait.) hahaz... ok, that's not my point.

Regardless of waiting for 'the one' who has not appeared or waiting for someone that may never be yours, can be very tough indeed. The feeling of waiting is always full of uncertainties which tend to make ppl's mind wondering all over d place. Different kinds of question will be formulated out of nowhere, such as "will i ever get to see him/her again?" or "what if i don't have someone who is meant for me?" n d list goes on. Sometimes, this seems like endless waiting. Especially when you get to see d streets full of couples n having elder cousins who are all attached. You may feel that how nice will it be to have someone who you love n cherish to share your ups n downs with you n vice visa. Loneliness will no longer reappear in 'your' dictionary. How nice can that be. But of course, those mentioned above had already been romanticised.

What we get see is usually on d surface but not in depth. No relationship exists only happiness, smiles n laughters. Everything on this earth has their 2 sides - positive/negative, pros/cons, safe/dangerous, yes/no etc. n tt includes relationship too. So we shouldn't rush into relationship just for d sake of compianionship.
We need to be fully prepared n also having d necessary components in order to start n maintain a relationship. These components are - chemistry (not in d scientific sense), love, committment, faith, trust (in yourself n towards your partner) n not to forget - respect. Personally, i think if any one of these is missing, a relationship will not b solid enough to withstand challenges n setbacks. Perhapes, my previous relationships failed because i do not trust myself? hahaz...anyway, i shall not deal deep into that. If not you guys will be reading an essay. lol..

[Try to get a girlfriend when you are in University. It's because with all the activities and events, there will be a lot of opportunities for you to get to know girls. If you miss getting one in Uni life, it won't exactly be easy when you go into the workforce. Why? Because the good ones would have been taken during their Uni days.] (coded from steph)
I heard quite a number of ppl saying this too, which i also agree to a large extent. Why? It's because in a large school cohort, there bound to be more interactions. More interactions meaning more opportunities to know somemoe who is suitable for you. Generally, you will have a greater chance of getting into a serious relationship. In contrast, the ppl whom you get to know of n work with in the workforce, are most probably attached or married. BUT, a big BUT...(not butt arh...!) It all tie down to d same logic. What is yours will also be yours no matter how hard you try to run away from it or how long it takes to belong to you. The same goes for d opposite. What is not yours will never be yours regardless of hard you try to pursue or how long you wait. I'm not saying that my perspective is d ultimate explanation because in a relationships, there ought to have all sorts of 'weird combinations' of issues/problems. Therefore, one explanation canot cater to all. We need to zoom-in to specific issue in order to better understand.

oh gosh...i think i have written an eassy... hahaz..


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