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    StaR in An auTuMn's niTe...

    sHimMeriNg of sTars in tHe niTe skY...bRinG my hAnd fOrwArD..tRyinG tO rEacH thEm...n wOndEriNg...wiLL i bE abLe to hOLd tHeM iN mY hAnD...?

    Wednesday, January 02, 2008

    new year eve & new year day

    Met upwith clique for new year day fireworks countdown. We reached the grass patch at around 9.30pm. Before that, we had our dinner at Xin Wang HK Cafe. It had been quite a while since i had my all time favourite - Fish and Egg mee sua! hahaz.. Oh ya, this year's celebration was a little different from the last two years because seet's siblings, my sister and mr g joined us for the fireworks. =)

    Well, the fireworks was alright, it lasted for around 8 minutes. At least better than causewaypoint's, which was only for 2 minutes. So i can't complain. haha.

    12 of us.


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