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    StaR in An auTuMn's niTe...

    sHimMeriNg of sTars in tHe niTe skY...bRinG my hAnd fOrwArD..tRyinG tO rEacH thEm...n wOndEriNg...wiLL i bE abLe to hOLd tHeM iN mY hAnD...?

    Sunday, March 18, 2007

    In response to Teddy's 'bombshell'!

    About myself from A - Z

    A for apple: I love to eat apples and i used to eat one everyday during my JC days. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. No wonder i have been feeling sick more often recently, because i seldom eat apples now. Should recultivate this habit.

    B for bowling: The drain Queen! Blowing Ball always ended up rolling towards the drain.

    C for cancerian: I'm born in July 13, so naturally i'm a cancerian.

    D for deterioration: Memory deterioration to be exact. Think i'm getting older and my memory is failing on me. hahaz...

    E for Espson: The brand of my printer i'm using now. It's super lousy, slow and loud. Can't wait to save enough $$$ to purchase a canon 4-in-1 printer.

    F for failure: Afraid of failure and having the tendency to run away from it rather then facing it instead. A negative mindset that need to be altered.

    G for G-string: I had been sort of being "tramatized" by G-string. Reason is...i had encountered a stranger, a man, who worn a G-String!!! It was so gross and disgusting beyond any description. There was this man at the void deck which i saw when i was on my way to YJC (JC2). He was bending down trying to tie his shoe lace and that was when i saw a G-string appearing! It's not that i saw it in purpose, it's because the colour of it was so striking k! RED!!! No kidding man...the mentioning of it gives me nightmares! haha.

    H for home: No where is better than home. It's a place with shelter, warmth and support from my family which i can trust and depend on.

    I for ice-mountain: Ice-mountain was a nickname given to me by my secondary school classmates. Because my hands are usually very cold, just like ice.

    J for Jujubes: My all time favourite sweet pastille by Hudson's. It's a good remedy for throat irritation. Among the 3 flavours - original, herb and honey lemon, i like honey lemon best!

    K for Kuantan Malaysia: It's a place with beautiful seasides...love it.

    L for Lamer: Some people had claimed that i can be quite a lamer sometimes that i was able to freeze others. Haha...Seems like my lame-ing skill has improved throughout the years...muahaha!!!

    M for Musiclinc: I attend my vocal lesson there.

    N for NO smoking: Smokers please kindly stay away from me. I don't want to be a passive smoker and die of lung dieases. Thank you.

    O for OBS: Went to OBS (Outward Bound School) for class bonding in JC1. Though only a handful of people went, i still think it's a wonderful experience and memories that are worth keeping. =)

    P for punctuality: Punctual is my middle name. Whoever who knows me would know that i'm very particular in this aspect.

    Q for Qualitative & Quantitative Reseach: This is one of the Sociology core modules i'm studying now...

    R for running: I dreaded PE whenever i was supposed to run. Especially my 2.4 km run for NAFA test.

    S for singing: Actually there are many things that i can associate with 'S'. But i chose singing instead. Singing is my way of relieving stress and emotions. I love to sing, that is why i learn singing.

    T for tuitor: I'm currently a tuitor of 2 upper primary students. By tuitoring them Maths, i can easily puke 'chilli sauce'. LoL...

    U for untidy: My mama always nags at me about how untidy my room is for a girl! =x

    V for 'victory' sign: A pose i often used during photo taking. Say cheese...(",)v !

    W for writing: It's more of penning down my feeling is lyrical form rather than writing essays. Whenever i feel vexed or down, i will also write down my feelings and thoughts at that point of time.

    X for xenon: An inert gaseous element, present in the air in small amount. Sorry, can't really think of anything that associates with 'X', so i resort to look up the dictionary and xenon is the 1st word i saw. So... hahaz...

    Y for 'yuan fen' (缘分): Does it really exist? Should i believe in it...?

    Z for zither: We call it 'guzheng' in Chinese. It's an musical instrument i played during my secondary and JC Chinese Orchestra days.


    • At 3:23 PM , Anonymous teddY said...

      Thanks for doing the tag so quickly! Haha! Anyway from the tag you left on my blog, I thought you gave me another bombshells which scared the hell out of me XD

      Anyway, at least I got to know you more through this tag! Not planning to victimise others with this tag ah?

      Well I love apple too! No matter is the genuine apple or the ones invented by Steve Jobs.

      G-string is really gross. I saw this lady wearing low cut jeans with G-string when I went to Marche last year. Ewwww. I mean it's okay for you to wear as long as you don't let any unaware stranger see what's under your pants!

      It's great to know that you discourage smooking too!


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