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    Saturday, May 26, 2007

    If You Really Love Me

    I came across this poem while reading Steph's blog and find it very meaningful, especially from a 13 years old girl. So i decide to share this with friends who visit my blog.

    "If You Really Love Me". It was written by Celine Marie F. M. (Age 13).

    Here it goes:

    If You Really Love Me

    If you really love me,
    You'll treasure me like a jewel.
    I'll know you're not playing around,
    I'll know you're not a fool.

    If you really love me,
    You'll wait for our wedding day.
    You'll keep yourself pure,
    Not throw yourself away.

    Your eyes will not search
    For things they should not see.
    You'll keep your thoughts moral,
    And save yourself for me.

    You'll talk to my parents,
    And keep your promise true.
    You'll love me for me,
    And I, you for you.

    When you take me out,
    Your hands won't cross the line.
    I'll know that I'm yours,
    And you'll know that you're mine.


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