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    StaR in An auTuMn's niTe...

    sHimMeriNg of sTars in tHe niTe skY...bRinG my hAnd fOrwArD..tRyinG tO rEacH thEm...n wOndEriNg...wiLL i bE abLe to hOLd tHeM iN mY hAnD...?

    Saturday, October 13, 2007

    Blood donation

    He's blue and mine was pink.

    Yesterday, mr g and I went for our blood donation at Outram HSA. It was his first time blood donation and my 5th time. Yap, i am so proud of him! hahaz.. And also, he don't mind going for it again.

    But yesterday was quite a nightmare for me. Know what? The nurse missed my vein after inserting the THICK needle into my flesh! What's worse? she drew d needle out a little then continued digging and finding my vein. What i meant by "digging" was really literally digging. The second attempt was totally like hell because i could feel a sharp pain when she inserted the needle once again. For me, i do admit my pain tolerance level is quite high. However, this time it was so bad that i had to tell the nurse it was painful. Tears were involunteered, but of course i managed to control hahaz. Imagine, i had already been injected with local anaesthetic. Hence to feel pain on top of that was ridiculus. She tried a total of 3-4 times but failed. So she asked for another nuse to help. Luckily, she found my vein right after and my blood started flowing. Never in my previous donation had i encountered that! But this would not make me stop giving blood, i will be there again next year. *Just pray hard this will never happen again* =S

    Going for clique makan-ing trip at qb's parents 'zi cha' stall for dinner! yeah.


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